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Are you a fool for flowers? I know I am. For years I’ve wanted one of those immaculate homes filled with seasonal decor, arrangements, flowers and plants, all surrounded by stunning garden.

The problem? I have taste and style, but no money or talent. I can’t buy, I can’t DIY, at least not unless the project’s foolproof!

So that’s what you’ll find on these pages: foolproof style.

Home Made Halloween Decorations

Lots of stuff about home made halloween decorations.

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Read about the best ideas for 2016 trees.

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Candle Centerpieces

Read about floating candle centerpieces, there are so many different styles and many of them are so easy to make even I can do it.

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Floating Candle Centerpieces

Looking for an effective centerpiece that is easy to make, looks great and wont break the bank? Candles are always a winner, they add soft light, romance and even if you can afford nothing else, will make your table look special. If, however you have a little more time to spend, or want to go to just a little more bother, these ideas will help your create a floating candle centerpiece you can be proud of.

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Pink Christmas Tree Ideas

Not the first color you associate with Christmas, my family thought I’d lost the plot when I decided to give it a try, but I’m pleased with the result, and in the process I came up with lots of different ideas on how to approach decorating a pink Christmas tree.

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The Golden Tree

This designer tree can be yours, but only if you stick to the theme and color scheme. The expensive part is the tree, don’t skimp, buy a good one and plenty of inexpensive decorations. If you splash out on one or two make sure they are gold or crystal, colors that will mix and match will almost any theme.

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Every bride wants to walk into her wedding reception and be stunned by how gorgeous the room, the tables, the flowers look. Even an important private dinner at home will benefit from flowers, but what form should the centerpiece take? In this post we look at tall centerpieces, ideal for large rooms with tall ceilings, but don’t forget that flowers at all levels can look gorgeous in your own home. But low flowers on your dinner table, and taller, larger flowers on the buffet, and wherever your guests look, they’ll see something beautiful. As for tall wedding centerpieces, well, we have lots of ideas if you read on.

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Thanksgiving Flower Project: A Buffet Arrangement

It’s a long time since I’ve made a really large arrangement, but I wanted a Thanksgiving centerpiece that would really make a statement for our first real Thanksgiving celebration in the USA. As a result, I broke the arrangement down into small peices and made each one separately. It’s a simple process to follow, and you don’t have the same sort of vase as I have, you can use any three containers of different heights.

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