Flower of the Month - The Lily

This month’s flower of the month is the lily, and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at just how many flowers that covers, from exotic vines  lilies to garden tulips, lilies are available in most shapes and sizes and a fabulous variety of colors. 

Easter Centerpieces

Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces ideas from foolproof to fancy. 

Decorating Eggs for Easter

Decorating Eggs

There are many different ways to create stunning decorated eggs for your Easter celebration, here we cover just a few. 

Call Lily Wedding Bouquets

Lily Bouquet Ideas

Some of the prettiest calla lily wedding bouquets we've found across the web. 

Fifty Flowers Review

I review a shipment from FiftyFlowers

How to Dye Easter Eggs

For the perfect Easter celebration you need more than just food, you need decorations and that means eggs. This post covers how to dye Easter eggs in several different ways from the straightforward to the fancy, the one thing that unites all out methods? They’re foolproof. I know because even I can use them!

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April Menu of the Month – Recipes for Easter

Roast Lamb has long been a tradition at Easter. Try this recipe combining roast lamb with pasta and for a starter, what could be better than an egg based soup? Egg and lemon soup, another Greek staple pairs well with the lamb. To continue the egg theme you might want to serve a custard, but I think by this time a busy hostess has done enough, so our dessert is an easy one, Rose Ice Cream.

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Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Green bouquets vary from the gorgeous to the glaringly artificial. Here are some of my favorite green wedding bouquet ideas from across the web.

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Easter is finally here and with it, spring at last. Our flower of the month is the  Easter Lily,   In DIY projects we look at how to dye Easter Eggs, from the basic method to something still foolproof, but fancy. Our Easter Menu looks a quick, tasty foods you can serve to guests while sticking to tradition, and as always these are so simple, they are recipes even I can cook. Enjoy the spring!

Easter Flowers

Easter Lily

This edition of A Fool for Flower is all about spring, so where better to start than with spring’s biggest celebration: Easter. Do you decorate your home for the time of year? My mother’s concession to spring was to fill vases with pussy willows, but since I enjoy any excuse to decorate, I like to use easter flowers wherever I can, from the traditional white lilies to bright and cheerful daffodils and everything in between. 

Traditional Easter Flowers

For me, the traditional spring flower is the daffodil, bright, traditionally yellow and always cheerful, but the flower most often associated with Easter isn’t the daffodil or even that other early spring flowers, the crocus. The traditional Easter flower is the Easter Lily properly known as Liium Longiflorum or the Easter Lily. 

Like many plants grown from bulbs (did you know tulips are also members of the lily family) Easter Lilies have a story to tell. Legend has always associated these flowers with the feminine – they were sacred to the Goddess Hera in the ancient world and became associated with the Virgin Mary. White lilies are said to have sprung from the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane, hence their association with Easter, but what you may not know is that the Easter Lily is a native of Japan, specifically the Ryuku or Nansei Islands which were, for many years the main source of bulbs. 

In 1919 an American soldier called Louis Houghton brought a suitcase filled with Lily bulbs home to coat of Oregon where he and some of his friends began to grown lilies as a hobby. In December 1941, following the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor, the regular supply of lily bulbs from Japan was cut off and lily bulbs became rare in the USA. Those who grew them as a hobby began growing them commercially and now most easter lilies in the USA are grown along the US pacific coast. 



How to Care For Tulips

Tulips can last 7 days or even longer in a vase if you care for them, but because of their fleshy stems many people believe they are difficult to arrange and avoid these wonderful flowers as a result. This articles describes how to care for tulips so the last as long as possible.

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Valentines Dinner Recipes

Valentines dinner at home has many advantages. Its certainly less expensive! The key to success is to plan in advance and choose food that’s easy to make and easy to eat but is just a little different from the typical menu. Here we’ve chosen to use edible flowers in a simple menu which begins with a cold soup you can make ahead of time, a simple, quickly made pasta dish and a simple rose petal ice cream.

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Purple Wedding Bouquets

Purple is a favorite color for many, but the problem is that there just aren’t that many flower which come in purple, in fact, when it comes to wedding color schemes there’s only one which is more difficult, and that’s blue. This post looks at the flowers that are available in all shades, from pale lilac to dark purple and the looks at some of the most interesting designs of purple wedding flowers, purple with white, purple with pink and the bold and beautiful purple with red. Fresh flowers, silk, bouquets and centerpieces, we’ve tried to cover it all, but if you have questions, please add a comment and we’ll try to add more!

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Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflower wedding bouquets are usually hand tied, rustic bunches of flowers, brilliant and effective, but you wouldn’t think of them as versatile, but think again. There are many ways to use sunflowers, cascade bouquets are perfectly possible, and perhaps best of all, yellow is right on trend, so for fashion and fun, sunflowers may be the best choice for your bridal flowers.

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Tulip Bouquets and Arrangements

Tulips once changed hands for a small furtune, they even caused an economic crisis back in the 17th century. Todays tulips come in many forms, love them for themselves, or use them as substitutes for peonies, some say the peony tulip is even better than the peony itself!
Read all about ways to use tulips, and most importantly how to choose and prepare them for use in your flower arrangements, centerpieces and displays.

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