Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Calla lily wedding bouquets are ideal for either vintage or modern weddings. If you’re looking for an art deco feel to your wedding (it’s a popular theme this year) then the calla is the way to go, in perfect white or blush pink. The flowers and large and showy, not too expensive and they last well. However, modern horticulture has given the calla lily a new lease of life. A vast number of colors are now available, and with the creation of the mini calla, far more designs are possible. Without a doubt, the most popular flower for modern wedding bouquets is the calla lily, and the good news is that this means the flowers have become more economical, in both fresh and silk forms. Here are some lovely bouquets we’ve found that use these unusual, trumpet shaped flowers.

If you’re planning to use fresh flowers think carefully about size. There are two available. Mini callas are about the right size for bouquets, calla lily wedding bouquets featuring full size calla’s are ideal for a vintage style, or for a large cascade, wand or overarm bouquet. 

You can see the difference in this video which shows not just the size, but some of the lovely colors available.

If you’re planning to use silk callas, check the description. ‘real touch’ flowers don’t cost much more and they really do feel real as well as look real. If you’re planning on a wedding bouquet of artificial calla lilies buy ‘real touch’ or ‘hand wrapped’ as these are the most realistic. The cheapest fakes are made of hard white plastic and can be very unpleasant. For the best value, buy several of the pre-packaged calla lily bouquets, take them apart and add some greenery or put them together to make something larger. Some of the specialists, such as the little bouquet shop, will create silk bouquets for you with some interesting thoughtful touches, and their bouquets are quite unique.

For those interested in having a go, here’s a video about making an overam bouquet from silk calla lilies.

If an overarm bouquet is not your style, you can always create a  more conventional shape of hand tied bouquet. Here’s an example using my favorite colors.  The golden yellow lilies are bright and cheerful, they  make a really stunning brides bouquet. Take note of the number of flowers, it doesn’t look like a lot when you see the finished bouquet, but appearances can be deceptive!

If you are planning to use fresh calla lilies, they are easy to work with and long lasting, as well as very elegant, but don’t plan to use them near food as almost all parts of the Calla are toxic. Don’t let that put you off. Calla lily wedding bouquets may be perfect for your wedding. 

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