The Best Blue Flowers for A Wedding

Is blue just a bad idea for a wedding? No. There are many blue flowers you can use with great success, and for some seasons blue is actually a perfect choice.
If you are working to a budget, remember that flowers in season are always the least expensive.
If you have your heart set on a blue theme, check the color carefully with your florist. One persons ‘blue’ is anothers purple, mauve or even violet. Consider using silk flowers rather than dyed or sprayed fresh flowers if what you want is not available.
Here are some suggestions to get you thinking.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Is it practical to do your own wedding flowers?
Yes. You can work with silk flowers over a period of times, or you can buy fresh flowers wholesale. It’s also easy to find online sources of bulk vases and candles.
But before you jump in and order lots of materials, buy enough to create one or two and be sure you know what your doing, and that you like the result, before you commit.
Here are some ideas for simple centerpieces you can make yourself.

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