Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Everyone agrees that the perfect festive table needs a centerpiece, but some Christmas Centerpeice ideas are much better than others especially when it comes to saving time and/or money. This post is designed to help you choose the best idea for your home this holiday season and here, to kick off, are some great ideas for traditional, but not boring tablecenters from Leanne at the flower school.

I love the way Leanne takes the traditional design and updates it, and since my dining room is a modern dark brown, I’ll be having a go at the copper/gold version just as soon as I can.

Of course not every Christmas centerpiece involves flowers.There are plenty of Christmas centerpiece ideas that use other materials; I recently experimented with deco mesh, with varying degrees of success, you can look for a post on that soon!

Fortunately you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes simple is best; take a look through the Christmas decorations that you have gathered over the years to find some inspiration. If this is your first independent christmas, don’t worry.

Things to look out for are spare Christmas ornaments. Every year we seem to come home from the store with another box full. Do you have a decent sized serving dish you won’t be using ? Are you going to have a real tree this year? If so, save the bottom branches you cut off before bringing it inside or are you making your own wreaths this year? – keep your left overs, they can all be used with a little thought. Let the children make their own centerpiece, especially if they’ll be eating at a table by themselves.

Something to consider is height, never make a centerpiece so tall you can’t see the person opposite, rather have something pretty and cheerful in the center to add some style and flair, for everyone to admire.

This years Trend, the ‘Sugar Plum’ Centerpiece

If you’re thinking of trying out the pink theme which seems to be so popular at the moment, you’ll find it really easy to create a lovely centerpiece. While everyone else fights over the red flowers, you can pick up the pink ones.

Here’s a really lovely design from the Smithers Oasis team. A floral ring with four candles, trimmed with pink ribbon, is smothers with roses and carnations in different shades of pink.

Pink Holiday Centerpiece idea from Smithers Oasis

Pink Holiday Centerpiece idea from Smithers Oasis

Here’s an expensive option you bring out from year to year.


crystal_tree_centerpieceA Crystal Tree

You don’t have to do anything to this at all. Buy a Crystal Tree, these are often used for weddings but can be used at any time and they look fantastic! 24” tall and glittering with crystal drops from top to bottom, they are not too tall – just right – and absolutely stunning.

If you’d rather DIY then consider a budget version,; a Manzanita Tree.However you can get a small Manzanita branch, put it in a pot filled with Floral Foam, spray it all white or the color of your choice and glitter it. Then decorate it with a roll of Crystal Bead Garlands in swags across the branches and accent it with a few crystal drops. As an alternative, get a Sierra Manzanita twig, this is normally about 12” high with a spread of about 16 – 18’ and has a unique ‘bonsai’ look. Once again plant in a  small  pot, spray the color of your choice and glitter. When dry stick lengths of clear and frosted beaded  ‘Crystal Wired Garland’ to the tops of the twigs for an even more ‘Crystal Tree’ look and to finish it off sprinkle the table cloth around it with ‘Mica Lites’ for even more of a ’wow’ factor.

Pair any of these with a white tablecloth, silver charges or placemats, flatware and white dishes, and you have a coolly sophisitcated Christmas tablescape.


Floating Candles.

Christmas centerpiece idea with floating candles

Christmas centerpiece idea with floating candles

To be very different; if you have a glass bowl or even an old fish bowl or Bubble Ball put in plenty of Vase Gems or ‘Sawtooth’ Crystal Fibers, covering two Floralytes in the color of your choice, switch them on and gently fill with water, after a while the Vase Gems or Crystal Fibers will begin to float, add two or three floating candles and float the head only of a poinsettia. Turn the lights down lower and admire while you have your coffee.

As an alternative, try something like the arrangement in the picture, white flowers and twigs in a glass bowl, most of the color comes from the green votive cups, you could make this match any color scheme.

Greenery and Festive Flowers.

Use your serving dishes for this very simple holiday centerpiece idea.  Cut a block of Floral Foam to fit and put the greenery branches left from your real tree or wreath into the side of it so that they cover the edges, you will be left with a rectangle which you can fill in with ‘silk’ roses, poinsettias etc and to cut down on the expense and give it that festive look intersperse them with Christmas ornaments. Pretty and festive too.

Greenery and Red Candles

Gold ribbon adds a touch of opulence to any christmas centerpiece idea.

Gold ribbon adds a touch of opulence to any christmas centerpiece idea.

Here’s another suggestion for your left over greenery, once again you will need a block of Floral Foam, some candle holders and five red or white tapered candles. Place the candle holders at intervals along the foam, put your greenery around the sides leaving some to fill in after the candles are placed. Put a tall one in the center, If it is cheaper to buy the candles in a pack and the same size, cut them to suit. fill in around them with greenery, wired fir cones sprayed gold, some small small red chrsitmas ornaments and and finish off with a lovely red bow.

A Village Scene.

Have you got one of those lovely Christmas villages? If so, why not take one of the houses or Inns and put it in the middle of a cake board, fluff up a piece of cotton wool big enough to cover it (use your hair dryer)  until the cotton wool  is uneven and looks like a large wintery fall of snow. Then go to one of the big stores that sell everything, you will know the one. Get a set or two of fir trees, a santa and his sleigh or with his reindeer too, any little bits you can find and make a scene. Use scrapbooking ‘sticky dots’ to stick them to the board through tiny holes then fluff the snow up round them again, if it isn’t full enough place some of your smallest ornaments, here and there and if you have some ‘Mica Lites’ sprinkle that over the snow, trees and roof for a sparkling frosty look.


If you prefer flowers in your Christmas centrepiece, how about white hydrangeas?

Use a wide topped vase, place in it white ‘silk’ (or real)  hydrangea heads.  Fill  the spaces in between with Babies Breath, greenery and wired gold ornaments. The result is simple, but very effective.

Greenery and Red Candle Holder.

You will need Floral foam and arrange greenery in a serving dish as before. Add a red glass candle holder with a candle in it in the middle and wire faux red berries with holly to surround the glass. Fill in with small bright red balls if needed.

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for  the Children.

The next two idea are perfect for children as they are really easy to make.
You will need a plastic foam cone, an old <a class=”zem_slink” title=”Tree topper” href=”” rel=”wikipedia”>tree topper</a> and some multi colored candies, wrapped and unwrapped, Strawberry bonbons, peppermints, lemon drops, other colorful sweets and a glue gun. They will love to do this especially if you don’t expect any leftovers.

Use either a tree topper, fairy or angel as long as it fits and can be stuck on the top. Don’t worry if it has seen better days just wipe it over and put touches of glitter on it to give it a new lease of life. Lay out the candies and stick them on in circles around the cone and just stick the topper on the top, if you haven’’t got a topper make a bow with lots of loops. That will keep them busy for quite a while.

Another one you can give the children (once they are old enough) is another Foam Cone and a box of pearl topped pins and as many sequins as you have or can find. Put two or three together on a pearl topped pin and cover the foam with them, it will keep them amused and you will have a festive ornament to add to your seasonal decor.
Christmas is all about family and friends. We all like our homes to be well decorated, but it can be more fun for everyone if you DIY rather than buying something expensive. And sometimes, when we make our own floral arrangements, rather than getting shop bought, the results are even better!



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