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Use these pages to find tried and tested ideas for your seasonal decorations this winter. 

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Ideas for Your Christmas Tree

The heart of your decorations – choose a theme, choose a color, learn how much you need and see the latest ideas. 

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Ideas for Christmas Wreaths

How to use them, how to make one. Learn about the different type and read about the origin of Christmas Wreaths. 

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Christmas Bouquets for Winter Brides

Don’t be dismayed by the cost of flowers, there are so many fabulous possibilities for winter brides! I’d recommend a walk through the pages of Etsy for new and original bouquet ideas. 

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Christmas Centerpieces

 Learn about Christmas Buffet centerpieces with a couple of examples and a great how-to video. 

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Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

From a super simple bowl of floating candles all the way up, learn how to make your table unique. 

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How to Dye Easter Eggs

For the perfect Easter celebration you need more than just food, you need decorations and that means eggs. This post covers how to dye Easter eggs in several different ways from the straightforward to the fancy, the one thing that unites all out methods? They’re foolproof. I know because even I can use them!

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April Menu of the Month – Recipes for Easter

Roast Lamb has long been a tradition at Easter. Try this recipe combining roast lamb with pasta and for a starter, what could be better than an egg based soup? Egg and lemon soup, another Greek staple pairs well with the lamb. To continue the egg theme you might want to serve a custard, but I think by this time a busy hostess has done enough, so our dessert is an easy one, Rose Ice Cream.

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Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulips are among my favorite flowers, they're just a little bit out of the ordinary, but they're still tulips and hence just as versatile as all the others. In the garden parrot tulips grow taller than the average and in the same way the flowers are larger,...

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How to Care For Tulips

Tulips can last 7 days or even longer in a vase if you care for them, but because of their fleshy stems many people believe they are difficult to arrange and avoid these wonderful flowers as a result. This articles describes how to care for tulips so the last as long as possible.

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