Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: The Snow Tree

On November 20, 2014, in Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas, by Lesley Charalambides

Similar to the crystal tree with a more natural look, this is one of the simplest Christmas tree decorating ideas and one of the most effective. It’s a great theme for a family tree, especially a family who might be missing the winter, so it’s ideal for a Florida setting!

Buy a green tree and spray with artificial snow, or buy one of the many now available already flocked.

The idea is to make it look like an ornamented tree, covered in snow and ice, so add crystal or plastic icicles and vine garlands trimmed with ‘ice’ for a truly wintry effect. Glittering snow flakes in white and/or silver, silver ribbon and ornaments complete the icy effect.

As accents, add small feathered birds, and add ice’ glitter to dried flowers and touches of glitter to clear, see-through ornaments.

In this video, Donna from flowers by design describes the various themed trees they have in their show room. The first is the iciest ‘snow tree’ I’ve ever seen!

This kind of tree never fails to have impact, but it isn’t warm and fuzzy, so if you have kids, it’s maybe not the best idea for the central tree for your home. If you like the idea, but lack the budget, begin with a twig tree. You can buy these, but in most areas if you go looking you can find a large branch which has fallen from a tree. Clean it, dry it and either paint it white, or add white paint and glitter to simulate fallen snow. Put your twig in florists foam (or plaster) in a pot and decorate with inexpensive ornaments, bows, or gather and dry pine cones, add white paint and glitter. Twist a little wire around them and they make excellent ornaments, they also smell good!

Painted and glittered pine cones make a wonderful addition to every part of your Christmas decorating, and it’s not something you can get wrong, so it’s something the kids can enjoy. I have very happy memories of painting pine cones and adding glitter while by mother mixed washing powder and water to make the ‘snow’ base for our Christmas centerpiece.

Even the cheapest nastiest Christmas ornaments can look good if you add some paint and glitter, so don’t worry about your budget, whatever it is, the lower it is, the more creative you get to be!


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