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In the UK we don’t use the word ‘centerpiece’ we are more likely to use the term ‘table centre’ so a couple of weeks ago I found myself trying to explain, across chat software, just what a centerpiece was, and why I would want one, and I realized that in an ideal world, I don’t want to leave centerpieces for dinner parties and such, I’d like to be able to put one together quickly, just to make our shared meal more attractive.

I began to wonder what sort of kit I would need to do that, and settled on a mixture of items.

1 10 inch low glass bowl

1 set of white floating candles

With this I could add floating flower heads, pebbles, beads, all sorts of things, and have the glimmer of candle light as well as the glamor of flowers on my table.

However, once I’d taken so photographs of the various centerpieces we were able to create, I found the candles didn’t last very long and my local Publix doesn’t stock floating candles, so I discover some small glass candle holders which allow tea lights to float, and since you can buy tea lights almost anywhere, if you get a set of these floating candle holders you’ll always be able to put together candles, holders and bowl, very very quickly.

Floating candle holders make inexpensive tea lights float

Floating candle holders make inexpensive tea lights float

Tea lights are also a lot less expensive than floating candles.

So, when you’re in a hurry, what is the easiest centerpiece to make?

Clearly you can simply float candles in the bowl, but that looks a little bare. You can add some flat flower heads, as long as you have some. I took a look in the fridge and produced this from a couple of bunches of grapes and a lemon.

It’s not about to win any prizes, but it looked really good in the center of our wooden table, and there was just a hint of lemon from the floating lemon slices. It took only moment to put together, and later that night we ate the grapes.

However, I did enjoy the way it looked, so in future I may get some artificial grapes so that this is one centerpiece I’ll always be able to put together.

Dinner table centerpiece for every day made from grapes and lemon

A centerpiece for the dinner table every day.


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