DIY Centerpieces

Christmas Centerpiece idea from Smithers Oasis

Bright, modern and cheerful design from Smithers Oasis. Take a close look. With the right tools, I think this could easily be a DIY project.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in DIY centerpieces; saving money is one, but many enjoy flower arranging, and inviting guests or celebrating an event is another good reason to do something you love.

There are also many types of centerpiece – candle centerpieces are very popular, and among the simplest of DIY ideas. You can simply float a flower in a vase, or combine the candle idea with fruit as we did in these very simple centerpiece ideas.  Calla Lilies make excellent simple, but sophisticated diy centerpieces because of their very flexible stems. Let them dehydrate a little then massage the stems into a curve; bend them around the inside of a vase, place the vase on a mirror and surround it with tea lights, simple, quick and inexpensive.

This site is filled with centerpiece ideas, for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more, here are some pictures of unusual centerpieces which we think should be quite easy to make yourself.

But suppose you’re interested in wedding centerpieces, not arrangements for the home?

Well each one of the ideas above could easily be used as a wedding centerpiece. Change the colors and you make them appropriate for another season. Most have suggestions for other color ideas if you click on the picture.

This page is very much a work in progress, I’ll be updating with more ideas specific to weddings as soon as I’ve had  chance to try some of these and find out if they are really DIY centerpieces.

If you’re going to make DIY centerpieces for a wedding, you’ll need wholesale flowers. We’ve also found an excellent source for colored floral foam, wire and other florist’s supplies

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