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With the cost of an ordinary wedding being in the region of $25,000, anything you can do to cut costs is a step in the right direction and as the reception  centerpieces are one of the major expenses, they are as good a place to start as any. Some very effective centerpieces are very simple, so with some organisation it is quite practical to make them yourself, especially if you make sure they need very little setup on the day, after all you’ll be busy with other things!

Being disappointed with the flowers can ruin your day, I know, it happened to me.  If you are going to DIY, be realistic about what you can achieve, leave yourself plenty of time, and try things out well in advance.

Here are some simple ideas.

Centerpiece Candlesticks.

These are extremely elegant and all that is needed is to put a small bouquet with your wedding themed flowers, variegated ivy and a tapered candle put into the candle holder in the top and you’re done. You can use the ready made silk bouquets often available from craft shops and online.

Straight Glass Arrangement.

Go to a large ‘Swedish’ Store (you know the one I mean) and buy straight, highball type glasses in different heights. You may also be able to find the right sort of thing at dollar tree. Online you can usually buy these in bulk but don’t do that at first, just get what you need to try out the idea.   You need to design a layout for round tables or long tables, which ever you have, this will let you know approx. how many you’ll need. Buy the tall ivory candles that will fit into them (also available in bulk) and votives with holders as well but make sure they all have 7.5 or 10 hours burning time. Lay them out, make a beautiful pattern and scatter rose petals between and around them. If rose petals for all the tables are too expensive, sprinkle Mica Lites on every second table, they will sparkle in the candlelight. When the candles are lit this is very simple, but magical.

Hurricane Shade.

Make a wreath by putting together two wire coat hangers with floral tape and put artificial greenery round it, in this case Boxwood is ideal as it is full.  Put a hurricane shade in the center with a 4” candle in it and add the finishing touch, by tying a ribbon round it and in a pretty bow approx. ¾ of the way up. You can get a red hurricane shade for winter wedding. Hurricanes vary in price depending on size, there’s bound to be one in your budget.

Bird Cage Candle Holder.

There are many type of bird cage candle holders all ready to take a 4” wide candle. It is different but very plain and quite colorless. You can scatter rose petals around it but you can also buy garlands of small flowers and leaves and use your ingenuity, wrap it as it is around the base or cut flowers and leaves, wire them with lightweight wire and add them sparingly, keeping them away from the flame. Remember less is more.

The Simplest Centerpiece.

The simplest of all is a 12” glass bowl.  Fill it with water, add three pink rose floating candles. Scatter pink rose petals around it. Your guests will stop to smell the roses.

If budget allows you can fill the base of the glass bowl with pink shreds or pebbles or seashells or gems.

The Boxwood Ring.

Boxwood is quite voluminous and creates natural drama with it’s fullness. You can get these delightful wreaths in 41/2” and 61/2”, use the latter and place a 12” Globe bowl in the center. Put water gems in the bowl and  one or two submersible lights hidden beneath the gems.  Gently fill with water and float your choice of candles or floating flowers or both.

Acrylic Bowls.

All the other bowls we have spoken about were glass and found on the Internet but surprisingly you can buy an Acrylic bowl in your local store that would put them all to shame. They look like glass have no sharp edges and are neither square or round, these are just the right size for a centerpiece and will not break the bank. Start with diamond fibers, and submersible lights, gently add the water and allow the diamond fibers to begin to float and add three or four orchid candles on top.

White Acrylic Theme.

If your wedding theme is white, use the same acrylic bowls. This time put pebbles and stones on the bottom and sprinkle them with sea shells of all kinds, fill with water and float white rose shaped candles with a few white rose petals. For a more modern, had edge look choose silver floating candles instead of white roses.

A Fun White Acrylic Theme.

This is not at all formal, it is rather fun, you can put what you like in the bottom, I might put vase gems in because I like ‘bling’. Fill with water and float 3” white Daisies with yellow centers. Sprinkle Mica Lites on the tablecloth around it.

A Formal Acrylic Theme.

I would put a really good covering of white pebbles on the bottom and buy a few gem garlands, cut them into short strands and wire them together so that when they are ‘planted’ in the pebbles they represent ‘coral’. Hide two colored lights in the color of your choice in the pebble s and float on top beautiful white Orchid heads.

The Last Acrylic Theme.

You will need a stem of Orchids for each bowl, use ‘silk’ ones, bend the stalk to go round the inside of the bowl, put rocks or pebbles on the bottom if you are having trouble getting it to stay still. Fill with water and put small white floating candles on top. Orchids are not so expensive if you buy them in bulk.

Mirror and Glasses.

Use an 8” round mirror and place three different height cylinder glasses on it, put  Crystal fibers into the bottom of all three glasses. Cut the price by looking for different sized highball type glasses from large stores where you can buy them in bulk. Once again hide a submersible light in the fibers, these tiny lights come in many colors, even ‘rainbow’ and are not expensive. Carefully fill with water, leave the fibers to begin to rise and float a small floating candle on top.

Mirror, Glasses and a Ladybug.

Use the same 8” mirror and place three different height glasses, this time put in Acrylic crystals, drop in two ice cubes that are actually lights, fill with water and float a candle on top. Place a Ladybug on the mirror for fun. This should make them smile.

Last But Not Least.

Use the mirror and three glasses again, don’t put anything in the bottom of each glass but add a splash of color with a bead garland, it is on wire and in a color of your choice, wrap it around the bottom of the glass and wind up to the top. Fill with water and float a candle on the top. No flowers involved, but still very effective.

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