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 Where possible we have credited the original creators of all these centerpieces, however it isn’t always possible to find out where a photo came from, so if you find yours on our pages, please don’t be cross. Let us know your details and we’ll add them to the site, or if you’d prefer send us a request and we’ll no longer display your picture. 

Easter is a time of year surrounded by tradition from ancient celebrations of the vernal equinox through celebrations of the Goddess Ostara through to the Christian celebration we know today. Though Easter is the primary celebration of the year for Christians the images associated with easter centerpiece ideas in popular culture, like eggs and rabbits, are much older and many are Norse in origin. 

For some households a celebration meal with traditional flowers is just right, and the traditional flower of easter is the Easter Lily. A simple bunch in a glass vase will make the ideal centerpiece, and if you can’t get the Easter Lily, settle for any lily in white.

For others colorful mixtures of spring flowers are ideal, and if you’re hoping to create a tablescape, add bunnies and colored eggs. 

In my own home I boil the eggs and add them to a carousel, then my children, now full grown, use pens and crayons to color the eggs and add faces before bashing them together. Winner moves on to the next ‘bash’, loser eats the egg! As a child in Scotland I watched my great-grandfather color the eggs before going out to a nearby hill where many people gathered to roll eggs down the slope. There’s little chance of that here in New Hampshire as the ground is still covered in snow. 

Easter is a great time to use whatever you have in your garden to decorate your home. I love baskets filled with bulbs just bursting into bloom, or if possible where you live, bunches of blossom from forsythia bushes or cherry trees: a few branches in a glass vase filled with easter egg vase filler takes two minutes to put together and will cheer up your home after the long cold winter. 



Easter Centerpiece Ideas

For the adventurous, here’s a video from The Flower School showing how to make a pretty centerpiece for your Easter Table. 

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