Fake Christmas Trees

Fake Christmas Trees don’t appeal to everyone, but they have a great simplicity; you don’t have to worry about keeping them alive, you don’t have to tie them to the top of the car, and you don’t have put up with pine needles all over your floor.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the scent of a fresh tree, but Christmas can be hectic enough, once I enjoyed trimming the tree myself, now I enjoy watching my daughter do it, though this year, I have decided to splash out. We always have a large tree in the family room, but this year I’m thinking of adding a couple of smaller ones as well, because really, you just can’t have too much Christmas!

Clearly, with real trees, the trends are all about ornaments and how the tree is decorated.

When it comes to artificial trees, there’s a lot more to think about. There’s height, width, color and style, this year there are more alternatives than ever before.  Purists will say that a fake tree must be green, but why? Christmas is a time for having fun, so why not try something a little more unusual?  Here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to buying an artificial tree.

Shop Early, especially if you’re buying on the net. There are usually two ways to find bargains, shop early or shop late. Many companies offer free shipping on large items like fake Christmas Trees, but only up to a certain date. The closer to Christmas you get, the more expensive your tree is likely to be. And if you want choice, shopping early is a must!

Slimline fake Christmas tree

Slimline fake Christmas tree

Consider your space. I always wanted a really huge tree, so when my son was born I used that as an excuse and went out and bought one. Then I spent all of Christmas crammed into a small space while the tree took center stage. A smaller tree would have been much more sensible, and these days they are available in a large number of configuarations.

  • If you have a no floor space – buy a tree that can stand on a side table, if you’ve a pair of side tables, how about a pair of trees? You could also put a pair of slim trees on a buffet, or at either side of the fireplace.
  • If you have some floor space, and you long for the look of a huge, full tree, buy a ‘half’ tree with a flat back and put it against the wall. If you’d prefer a rounded experience, by one of the more modern slimline trees.
  • If you’re feeling a little avant garde, why not try the weirdly wonderful upside down tree? The great thing is, the wide part is at ceiling height, where there is, most likely, a lot more room for it.

Consider your Decor. Traditional trees look great anywhere, but if your home is modern, why not go for something different? You might not want to opt for the ‘upside down’ tree, but what about one of the many colored trees (yes I mean other than green).  In recent times black trees have been the very latest in style, but if you’re home has lots of chrome and glass furniture, why not go the other way with a white tree? A few years ago I was given one as a present; we decorated it with silver, white and pale blue to go with our living room, the result was rather more ‘cold’ than the traditional tree with its reds and golds, but it was beautiful. If you’d prefer something brighter, white trees look great covered in pastel ornaments. Why not prove that pink can be a Christmas color?

And talking of pink – did you know you can get pink fake trees?  Complete with pink lights! And that’s not all. In addition to the ‘normal’ green, artificial trees are typically available in a number of ‘fashion’ colors, such as pink, lime green, silver, champagne, red, purple, black, mocha brown, lavender, sea foam and sky blue, to name only a few!

One of the latest color trends has been for black trees, or black with gold; these fashion colors are worth noting as they are usually more economical than the green, realistic variety.

One of the biggest recent trends is for flocked trees which look as though they are covered in snow, while, like silk flowers, other trees are simply becoming far more realistic. Typically more expensive than the tinsel trees, a really good fake can fool anyone!

Fake Christmas tree in pink

^.5 ft Hot Pink Fake Christmas tree. Pre lit with pink lights. Is there someone in your home who likes to think pink?

Fake Christmas Tree for Outdoors

Fake Christmas Tree for Outdoors

OutDoor Spaces. 

Fake Christmas trees are not just for indoors. There are pre-lit topiaries and potted fake trees you can stand on either side of your entrance, or use to brighten up and old empty pot. Cone, ball and double balls trees are available as well as more conventional shapes, and most are prelit and hence really convenient.

Once you have decided on the height, width and color, you need to consider the lights.

Some people prefer to have that responsibility themselves, however lights built into the tree makes set up so much easier. Many trees are available with either clear or multi-colored lights. Colored lights are more cheerful, but white is more classic and more versatile. For example, if you have all white lights you can decide to decorate your tree in white, or gold or silver or red, whatever takes your fancy at the time. If you already have multi-colored lights and all white or all silver tree would not have the same impact.


For my home this year, I’ll be using the same tree as last year, an 8′ spruce which we will set up in the family room decorated with red and gold. In my dining room, however I’m displaying a pair of brown tinsel trees, decorated with gold, copper and peacock ornaments, and in my pink themed living room … no, I’ve not gone for the pink tree, but I do plan to have a white one, trimmed as befits a christmas tree in Florida, with orchids and seashells.

Are you planning a fake tree this year? Are you looking for a new decorative scheme for your Christmas decor? leave a  comment and lets see what sort if ideas we can come up with!


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