Floating Candle Centerpieces

floating candle centerpiece with red roses.

Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candle centerpiece - picture

Beautiful centerpiece design from floralverde, hydrangeas and greenery arranged around three cylinder vases containing floating candles.

Floating candle centerpieces are quite Possibly the simplest type of centerpiece to create, a centerpiece made from floating candles can be effective, inexpensive and romantic. They are also easy to make, making them ideal for dinner parties and other events, as well as for DIY brides.

There are several types of centerpiece which use floating candles.

  • Candles floating in a wide shallow bowl.
  • Candles floating in a tall narrow vase or cylinder
  • Candles floating in a tiny vase.

In each case you need

  • floating candles
  • a vase or dish to contain the candles
You may also want to add

  • flowers,
  • a jewelled garland
  • a candle ring,
  • vase filler
  • illumination

Floating Candles

There several types of floating candle. The simplest are circular disks which will float when added to water. These are readily available in ivory and white. You can also buy floating candle holders, lightweight glass dishes very similar in shape to the floating candles, which can be used to hold a standard tealight candle. Standard tealight candles are less expensive, easier to find and there are varieties with a lovely scent. The downside is that they don’t last as long as purpose made floating candles. They are, however, ideal for home use.
The last type of floating candle is more decorative, a floating candle in the shape of a flower or leaf. Candles in the shape of roses, orchids and autumn leaves are generally quite easy to find in a wide range of colors.

Floating candle centerpiece bowl - picture

From Best Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Floating Candle Bowls

Low level centerpieces can be made from a wide, low bowl usually at least 8-10 inches in diameter. Since the candlelight is part of the charm of the arrangement, place the bowl on a mirrored mat and the effect increases.
The simplest way to ‘dress up’ this sort of centerpiece is to float flowers in the bowl along with candles. The ideal flower is not too large and has a wide, flat head. Gerbera daisies are ideal, but don’t feel restricted by the choice of flower. If you spend the time spreading the petals of a rose, for example, you can easily float even a large rose on water. Orchids also made good floating flowers. If you’ve chosen calla lilies as your wedding flower, you may find it best to bend these around the inside of a glass bowl and then float candles in the middle. Other flowers which look great floating include the heads of spray roses and rose petals.
An alternative form of decoration is to fill the bottom of the bowl with some sort of vase filler and hide a submersible LED light inside. This will provide extra illumination and is a very pretty effect.
You may also choose to place the bowl inside a wreath, or to surround it with a jewelled garland.

Wedding Tablecenters

May need to be a little more elaborate than those you would use for dinner at home. You may also want to experiment with creating a taller centerpiece by floating candles in a tall cylinder or vase. One popular choice is the giant martini glass, filled with a color co-ordinating filler and LEd light and with one of more candles floating in the water. The stem can be twined with ivy or a crystal garland, and the base can be surrounded by a small arrangement of flowers done in a foam ring. You could also choose to place a miniature version, a candle floating in a wine glass, at each place setting.
Floating candle table centers are especially popular at beach themed weddings where you can fill the base of the bowl or cylinder with tiny seashells.

Another popular wedding centerpiece idea is the cylinder filled with submerged flowers. This is an ideal way to use flowers that don’t lend themselves to floating, like calla lilies. Add some vase filler to a cylinder vase and then add a flower stem cut so the flower is not quite so tall as the cylinder. Add the flower (or flowers) and hold the stem tightly with the vase filler, then simply fill the cylinder with water and place a floating candle on top.

Centerpiece with floating candles - beach wedding

Floating candle Centerpiece idea for a beach wedding from perfect wedding zone

Floating Candle Centerpiece kits

Kits containing vase, candles and some decoration, are available from several online retailers, you’ll also find it easy to buy sets of cylinder vases, three the same width but different heights. Bulk prices make these reasonable affordable. For the final flourish you can surround all three with a single wreath, or simply place them on a mirrored mat (also a good bulk buy) and surround that with votive candles in holders.

How to Make Floating Candle Centerpieces

First, decide on whether you want a low centerpiece or a tall one. Neither need be expensive, however you can spend as much as you want decorating them.

For a low centerpiece, purchase one floating candle bowl and a set of floating candles. You should be able to find one for around $10, less if you shop around. Buying in bulk can save you a lot and bring the price closer to $7 per bowl. You can also use a fishbowl vase or a 2 inch square vase if you want to place a single floating candle at each place setting.
Floating candles are also cheaper when bought in bulk, 36 white two inch candles are around $20, though you can expect to pay more for those that are made in decorative shapes.

Now you have the basics, it’s up to you and your budget to decide how much further to go. One way to add color is to use a colorful vase filler in the base of your bowl. Water pearls are very decorative, but remember, they are water filled, so they will float. For these purposes you need something heavy which will fill the base of the bowl. You could try frosted glass stones , large pearl beads, sea shells, polished river rocks, acrylic or glass gems.

Another way to dress up the arrangement is to place it inside a ready made wreath, or create one yourself by arranging flowers in a ring of floral foam of appropriate size. Wreaths of dried flowers, such as myrtle or Lavender can look stunning as well as adding a subtle and very pleasant scent. These can, however add considerably to the cost. One of the prettiest dried flower wreaths for weddings is one made from dried hydrangeas.

If your budget doesn’t run to a flower arrangement or wreath around the base of the bowl, then place it on a mirrored mat and scatter rose petals around it.

Tall Floating Candle Arrangements

You can simply follow the same procedure, but using a tall, stemmed container such as a giant wine or martini glass. An alternative is to use a tall vase or cylinder and fill it with flowers below the water line, before adding water and floating your candles on top, as in these examples.

Tall floating Candle Centerpieces Picture

Simple but effective (and inexpensive) No flowers, just water, dyed blue with a floating candle on top.

Floating candle centerpiece, protea, orchids and blue gems

Once the water is added you can see the ‘lens’ effect

A blue orchid centerpiece with floating candles

A Blue Orchid centerpeices with floating candles

Floating candle wedding centerpiece

Floating candle wedding centerpiece from Manette Gracie Events



Floating Candles in Tall Holders - picture

Simple and effective image from Charlotte-Geary Tall candle holders with a single floating candle.

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