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I am by not a Florist by any one’s standard but if you read the ‘about me’ page, you’ll know that flowers of all kinds have been a passion of mine since I was very small.
 And according to the traffic on this site,  more of you than I could ever have imagined, share my passion. I try to learn by replicating pictures of arrangements I find, or trying out arrangements in books (of which more in another post) but there are other ways to learn floral design/floristry, namely  courses, workshops, classes and of course Home Study. Here’s a run down of what’s available through schools and colleges, whether you want to study flower arranging for your own interest, or you are looking for a career in floral design, you should be able to find something suitable.

Floristry Courses

ASHWORTH COLLEGE – School of Creative Arts.

Accredited Floral Design Diploma

Here you can learn at home and in your own time. This course encompasses 20 comprehensive challenging yet stimulating, easy to follow lessons. Each one begins with an introductory note from your instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms. They cover the basics of composition, proportion , color, balance, harmony and shape in order to create elegant bouquets, arrangements, wedding and funeral flowers, wreaths, corsages and much more.


Florist / Floral Design.

Whether you have an interest in floral design for fun or want to work toward a career in floral design this course focuses on basic to advanced techniques with step by step instructions and contains a section on how to set up a professional retail environment if you should be interested in starting up a business.

All textbooks, study guides and learning aids are delivered directly to your door so that you can study where and when is convenient for you.

You ‘ll have access to Stratfords instructors by email or telephone.


Floral Design Training Course. – Penn Foster Career School.

This training program is really for those who want to make Floristry a career. The school says that by studying for an hour a day you can be well on your way to a career as a Floral Designer in just a few months. Also if you qualify, you can apply for financial assistance from the government, and your course may be tax deductible.

Upon completion of your Floral Design career training. Penn Foster offers access to Alumni Career Services which are designed to help you find employment in the Floral Designing field.


Floral Design Course.

 This course is designed  so that the absolute beginner can learn Floristry. You’ll  be taught exactly what types of flowers and foliage to use together to give the utmost impact. You will also be given step by step instructions to create the most stunning designs.

Floral Design and Arrangements.

This is a tutor supported distance learning course  in which Theory and Design, Basic Techniques and Styles and Advanced Techniques and Styles are taught  and is so comprehensive that no prior skills or knowledge are required.

Your materials for the course will be delivered directly to your home, this allows you to fit your studies around a current job, family life or other commitments.

As a DCA student you will have access to your own tutor by email or through FREEPHONE.

However if you have any Floristry experience this course can still be of great value to you in furthering your skills.

Floral Design is an excellent business to start from home and that compared to starting up any other kind of business it costs remarkably little to get started.


Floristry Distance Leaning Courses.

Do you know what flowers best suit a hospital environment, how long will that Amaryllis last in an arrangement, or what is the difference between ‘Western Line’ and ‘Ikebana’ ?

This course guides you through the process of sourcing, preparing, designing and arranging floral displays either for clients or just to please you in your own home.

Again this course states that it does not require any previous experience or qualifications. You will also have all the support you may need along the way.

And upon receiving your study materials you will have access to tutors both online and on the ‘phone. Also as an ICA student you will have access to library materials as well as links with your fellow students.

Do you know of a floristry or floral design course in your city? Do you perhaps teach one at a local college, or give classes? If so. please let us know so we can feature the course here.

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