A Fool for Flowers: Spring 2017

Green Flowers and how to use them. If I can do it, so can you!



Green Parrot Tulip

Flower of the Month - The Green Parrot Tulip

The green parrot tulip – my personal favorite among the green flowers. Click here to read more about this flower in particular and tulips in general. 

Fifty Flowers Review

I review a shipment from FiftyFlowers

Decorating Eggs for Easter

Decorating Eggs

There are many different ways to create stunning decorated eggs for your Easter celebration, here we cover just a few. 

Easter Centerpieces

Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces ideas from foolproof to fancy. 

Call Lily Wedding Bouquets

Lily Bouquet Ideas

Some of the prettiest calla lily wedding bouquets we've found across the web. 

Wedding Bouquet Ideas – Green Bouquets

Green bouquets vary from the gorgeous to the glaringly artificial. Here are some of my favorite green wedding bouquet ideas from across the web.

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Pantone Color of the Year – 2017 – Greenery

Not sure how to add green to your table scape or event without spending large sums? Small spends can have big effects. Learn what I used on my latest floral adventure to create a green table scape for a dinner.

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Fifty Flowers Reviews

What happens when you order bulk flowers from an internet retailer? Is the process smooth? Here’s my review of Fifty Flowers.

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How to Make a Tulip Candle Centerpiece

Tulip centerpieces are amongst the simplest to make, for a dinner party they’re ideal, you only need four flowers and the whole process takes five minutes, no more. For the busy DIY bride on a budget, what could be better? Read on to find out how it’s done.

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Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulips are among my favorite flowers, they're just a little bit out of the ordinary, but they're still tulips and hence just as versatile as all the others. In the garden parrot tulips grow taller than the average and in the same way the flowers are larger,...
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March Menu of the Month – Recipes for Green Food

Brocoli and Coconut Soup Pasta with walnut pesto Green Tea Ice Cream Our menu of the month features recipes for green food that as always are simple and quick to prepare, after all the idea is to enjoy the experience not wear yourself out with the cooking. Best of...
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How to Care For Tulips

Tulips can last 7 days or even longer in a vase if you care for them, but because of their fleshy stems many people believe they are difficult to arrange and avoid these wonderful flowers as a result. This articles describes how to care for tulips so the last as long as possible.

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Greenery is the the new color of the year, and so our theme for the month is the color green and green flowers in particular. Our flower of the month is the green Parrot Tulip, you can read all about my experience with a box delivered by internet retailer Fifty Flowers.  In DIY projects we make two different tulip candle centerpieces and our menu of the month looks a quick, tasty foods you can serve to guests while following a green theme. Last but not least take a look at some ideas for Green Bouquets and see the bridesmaids posy I created. Five minutes, nine flowers and no expertise at all. 

Flowers and foliage are what this site is all about, we all know the combination can be stunning, but following the green theme for this issue I wondered what could be done with flowers alone. What sort of green flowers exist, and what can you do with them?

green parrot tulips - green flowers in a posy

green parrot tulips – green flowers in a posy

This year, the pantone color of the year is is a pretty yellowish green called Greenery and since brides, decorators, event planners and the fashion conscious seek out the color of the year I decided to do the same. Why not go green at this time of year? The snow on my lawn is is still over 12 inches deep and I’ll admit I’m longing to see the green shoots of the daffodils and tulips I planted. Green is the perfect color for Spring and since St Patricks day is just around the corner, here it is A Fool For Flowers Tribute to Green and most especially, green flowers.  

Start by reading about our flower of the month the Green Parrot Tulip, a personal favorite of mine that is just green enough to be exotic without looking strange. Remember the last big craze for green flowers? Succulents. I love them, but I’ll be honest here, unless you’re planning on a woodland or fantasy theme, I think they look a little odd in a bridal bouquet, though they look fantastic in the garden, or in bowls around the house. Air plants have a similar appeal; they’re ideal when your theme calls for them, but otherwise, maybe not.

 I’m not always enthusiastic about the color of the year, but this year the chosen color, greenery, is a gift to all flower lovers, it’s never been so easy to be on trend, you can add green items of so many kinds, use foliage instead of flowers, create arrangements from fruit and or vegetables and choose green flowers for bouquets, table centerpieces, buffet arrangements etc. 

Green is a fabulous theme for wedding or party not least because it goes with everything – add blue and teal for a tropical look, add purple and gold to that and you have a  peacock theme. Many of the green flowers available have an exotic look, green spider chrysanthemums always remind me of sea anemones and are great for an under water theme, other green flowers like air plants or succulents could be used for a sci-fi-fi theme. Green roses are a way to choose a conventional design in an unconventional color, moss and bunches of fern can be used to create a fabulous woodland theme for a fantasy wedding. Large slashed monstera leaves can provide a truly tropical theme just like those other tropical green flowers, anthuriums whose heart shape make them specially suitable for weddings. You can also find calla lilies in green. 

My favorite of all the green flowers is our flower of the month, the green parrot tulip. Every bloom is different, some have more green in them than others and the cool milky green of the foliage is just another bonus. When the lovely people at Fifty Flowers offered me some I jumped at the chance to blog about the experience and believe me a lot of things (all my fault) went wrong, but I still managed to create a simple centerpiece arrangement, two tulip candle centerpieces, and a bridesmaids posy.  Green and white is a cool, classic combination that just can’t go wrong, and there are many really good reasons to choose tulips as your wedding flower, including their amazing history.

Click the various links on this page to see how you can use foliage and green flowers to go green for spring!

How to Care For Tulips

Tulips can last 7 days or even longer in a vase if you care for them, but because of their fleshy stems many people believe they are difficult to arrange and avoid these wonderful flowers as a result. This articles describes how to care for tulips so the last as long as possible.

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Valentines Dinner Recipes

Valentines dinner at home has many advantages. Its certainly less expensive! The key to success is to plan in advance and choose food that’s easy to make and easy to eat but is just a little different from the typical menu. Here we’ve chosen to use edible flowers in a simple menu which begins with a cold soup you can make ahead of time, a simple, quickly made pasta dish and a simple rose petal ice cream.

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Purple Wedding Bouquets

Purple is a favorite color for many, but the problem is that there just aren’t that many flower which come in purple, in fact, when it comes to wedding color schemes there’s only one which is more difficult, and that’s blue. This post looks at the flowers that are available in all shades, from pale lilac to dark purple and the looks at some of the most interesting designs of purple wedding flowers, purple with white, purple with pink and the bold and beautiful purple with red. Fresh flowers, silk, bouquets and centerpieces, we’ve tried to cover it all, but if you have questions, please add a comment and we’ll try to add more!

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Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflower wedding bouquets are usually hand tied, rustic bunches of flowers, brilliant and effective, but you wouldn’t think of them as versatile, but think again. There are many ways to use sunflowers, cascade bouquets are perfectly possible, and perhaps best of all, yellow is right on trend, so for fashion and fun, sunflowers may be the best choice for your bridal flowers.

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Tulip Bouquets and Arrangements

Tulips once changed hands for a small furtune, they even caused an economic crisis back in the 17th century. Todays tulips come in many forms, love them for themselves, or use them as substitutes for peonies, some say the peony tulip is even better than the peony itself!
Read all about ways to use tulips, and most importantly how to choose and prepare them for use in your flower arrangements, centerpieces and displays.

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