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Why is that my tree never looks as good as those in the shops and stores? Because professional decorators pick a theme for their tree and stick to it! What sort of theme? You’ll find loads of different themes in these pages, but this one is my all time favorite for a traditional style Christmas tree; in short, if you want to learn how to decorate a Christmas tree and you value color, I’d say the nutcracker theme is the best one to go for., especially if you have small children or grandchildren who will love the nutcrackers, the bears and the tiny ballerina. You’ll find it brings to mind ideas of a Victorian fairy tale Christmas.  For this theme, collect painted wooden nutcracker ornaments, tiny teddy bears and other toys in red and white.  Decorate with traditional toys and a generous sprinkling of candy canes and red and white ornaments. You’ll often find nutcracker tree ornaments in the stores, I’ve collected quite a few, from nutcracker kings to chefs, policemen and fully kilted Scots. 

The ideal tree is a green pre-lit tree with a light covering of flocked snow.  Decorate with as many small nutcracker men as you can, mix and match the colors, use one or two of the larger ones for accents and use small round ornaments in the same colors as fillers.  Large toys can be perched in the lower branches.

For your tree topper, get your inspiration from the ballet which gives this tree it’s name and choose a lovely ballerina, or an angel, all in white.

A wide garland could easily overpower small toys, so   use a beaded one or strings of popcorn sprayed a color of your choice and glittered, finish it all off with red and white ribbons and bows.  This tree is fun and very family friendly.

If you still feel daunted, or like me find your tree never looks quite as good as the illustrations, here’s a piece of advice I found useful. Use a repeat accent decoration and build your design in symmetrical diamond shapes as you go.

Here’s how it’s done.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree:

  • Decide on a theme and stick to it.
  • Use at least one hundred lights per foot of tree. 
  • Use at least ten ornaments per foot of tree
  • Use ornament hooks so that ornaments ALWAYS dangle
  • Add movement with ornament spinners
  • Use ornament hooks to attach garlands
  • Use large ornaments to the inside of the tree to give it depth. 

What’s your favorite theme for Christmas? What is your favorite Christmas decoration? When do you start decorating your tree? Leave a comment below and let me know. 

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