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Tall centerpieces are dramatic, they give your wedding reception tables instant impact, and a room full of tables with tall centerpieces looks opulent, special, all those things you really want for a special event.

Sadly, if you’ve set your heart on a tall centerpiece you’ll have noticed the major problem; they’re expensive. While you may feel confident about saving money on other flowers by making the arrangements or bouquets yourself, tall arrangements somehow seem more difficult.

I wondered just how difficult, and when I was lucky enough to receive a set of glass candlesticks for Christmas, it made me think, how difficult would it be to use these as the basis for a flower arrangement, something that would add some drama to our table?

Armed with a truly limited budget, I decided to have a go. I used silk flowers because I was looking for something inexpensive, modern and bright. I picked red because it’s a versatile color. You can use a red arrangement for Valentines, for high summer and for Christmas. I picked gerbera daisies because they are modern flowers and because the ‘real touch’ variety look extremely realistic and are very reasonably priced. I bought half a dozen from afloral.com for around $14 plus an ivy swag they had on sale for 3.77. Added to that were a small bush of silk dusty miller I bought on sale ($2.99) and two stems of coleus leaves I got from Michaels. Total cost of the flowers, around $25.

Here’s the process.


I was rather pleased with the result, though clearly I could probably have made it more cheaply with real flowers.

I did use quite a lot of foliage, but truthfully that wasn’t because of a limited budget. I really like the texture and color of interesting leaves and I think arrangements (or, for that matter bouquets) which are entirely made from flowers, are missing a certain something!

So, can you do that same thing for your wedding or special event?

Clearly there is  a catch. I had a great container to use. If you’re trying to make this sort of thing to create your own tall wedding reception centerpiece, you need to factor in the cost of the vase, and that can make a big difference.

Unless, of course, you can get a vase for nothing.

One way, would be to borrow all the vases you can get from family and friends, but what if you want that sophisticted look, perhaps you don’t want anyone to know you made all the centerpieces yourself?

As you may have seen in an earlier DIY arrangement post, one solution I’ve used before is to cut the top off a plastic soda bottle. Soak the labels off and cut round the top, then fill the bottle with water pearls to match your color scheme. You can still place foam in the top and push it under the water pearls to hide it.

But there is another solution.

You can use wine bottles. Buy a case of wine and drink it all, but keep the bottles. Choose something with an interesting shape. When it comes time to do the flowers, fill the bottles with water pearls dyed to match your color scheme, arrange the flowers in a foam bouquet holder, and push the stem into the bottle. Bouquet holders with tranparent, acrylic stems are ideal for this.

The result is a tall table center arrangement which has cost very little, and if you choose wine bottle in clear glass and fill with bright waterpearls, the weird thing is, most people don’t even notice that your vase is a bottle, you’ll even find some guests complimenting you on the unusual and interesting vases!

What do you think of this idea? Would you consider making your own tall wedding reception centerpieces? Please leave a comment.

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