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Where-ever you would put a flower, you can put a bow. And of course, you can always use both! The video above shows not just how to make a bow, but that the addition of a bow to something ready made can make a big difference.

I have a thing about blue bows, because one of my pet hates is flowers that have been dyed. I love hydrangeas and delphiniums, and all the wonderful naturally blue flowers, but sprayed or dyed flowers are something I can’t stand, so if I can’t find the shade of blue I want, or cant get a blue flower at all, I use ribbon instead. My next diy project is a Fourth of July arrangement, at the moment I’m not sure whether to do a centerpiece or try my first wreath, and since I didn’t plan well in advance, I’ll be at the mercy of what I can find in the local craft store, but more about that in my next post! If Im stuck for red white and blue, I will simply make a one color arrangement and add some suitable ribbon.

Bows look good in arrangements and centerpieces, but they are essential in other items – no corsage is complete without one, and every bouquet needs a bow to finish it off, even if it’s only seen by the bride or bridesmaid.

But ribbon can do more. Some brides are using the ribbons from the gifts they receive to create a ribbon bouquet to use at the wedding rehearsal,

A ribbon bouquet, from Kayln at a life full of laughter
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or to throw at the ceremony itself, so once you have learned to make a bow, there are many ways to use it. Martha Stewart suggests providing flower girls with a ribbon, rather than flower bouquet, especially if they are not yet old enough to be careful.

Ribbon and bows can also form a major part of a centerpiece or arrangement, as it did with our woodland arrangement and in some of these pictures. As you can see, ribbon is an ideal way to add a change of texture – satin ribbon adds a shiny element, while gold ribbon adds a touch of opulence.


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