Hydrangea Bouquets

hydrangea and other blue lilac flowers make a stunning wedding bouquet

Bouquet Design from Modern Petals

Hydrangea bouquets are one of the best possible options for brides looking for blue flowers for their weddings but hydrangeas are available in such a huge range of colors it seems a pity to ‘type cast’ them in blue. Most people are familiar with pink hydrangeas, and of course the white variety is perfect for weddings, but if your taste runs to stronger colors, like red or purple, you’ll find that hydrangeas are also available in these colors, and I do mean naturally available. You can find fresh hydrangeas painted or dyed a vast range of hues, but mother nature has done her best to make these gorgeous flowers available in a very wide color palette; no matter what sort of color scheme you’re looking for, you’re likely to find a hydrangea to suit.

Hydrangea Bouquets for Weddings – The Cost.

One of the reasons for the hydrangeas popularity is it’s cost. The flowers are large, you don’t need many, the result can be a very economical bouquet or table center. You can grow the flowers in your own garden (they do well in pots) and then make your own wedding bouquet.

If you decide to order flowers (perhaps online) and make the bouquet yourself, you can buy eight stems (enough, probably for the brides bouquet and one bridesmaid’s), of giant white hydrangeas for around $80.  Slightly smaller blooms will be a little cheaper, around $90 for 12, including delivery. Delivery cost makes a big diferences when you buy flowers, so if you are planning to order from one of the many online flower wholesalers, check the prices you compare.  All flowers have to be shipped over night, so when you compare prices, be sure you are comparing costs including shipping.

If you contact your local florist, some will be happy to order the flowers you want, in which case you may find them cheaper (as there’s no delivery charge) though you most likely won’t get the same selection as you would with the online florists.

139.99 for the Bridal Bouquet, a corsage and boutoniere

Another option is to buy a ‘wedding in a box’, wedding flowers made by a florist shipped to you. You wont get a lot of choice in the design, but you will get lovely bouquets at a very reasonable price, at the time of writing, fiftyflowers.com have a three piece set of bridal bouquet, corsage and boutonierre for $140.00.  Bunches Direct have a ready made hydrangea bouquet for 42.99 plus delivery, and WholeBlossoms.com have a number of pretty hydrangea bouquets with a ten inch bouquet starting at 139.99 including delivery.

The cost of a hydrangea bouquet made by a florist is hugely variable but the major difficulty you may have here is that some florists just won’t make hydrangea bouquets as they believe the flowers won’t last.  Hydrangeas need water (the clue is in the name)  but with care, they can easily survive the length of a wedding, however, busy florists often work well in advance of an event, and if that is the case your florist may know that hydrangeas just won’t fit her way of working, in which case, go somehere else!


Many hydrangea bouquets look much the same, charming frilly balls of flower, but hydrangeas are more versatile than you may think, and there are many possible styles as well as colors.  Here are some of the florist designed bouquets that I’ve admired.

Hydrangeas Bouquets – DIY

There are several ways to approach a hydrangea bouquet. The simplest is simply to gather a bunch of hydrangea flowers just below the bloom and tape them together. You can then cover the tape with satin ribbon, but be sure to leave the stems bare so you can place the bouquet back in water until needed. This simple procedure can result in a stunning bouquet especially if you choose some of the more interesting colors. Pure white is stunning especially when combined with the hydrangeas own lovely foliage, if your dress is cream you’ll find cream hydrangeas to match, and if it’s ivory, you may find that one of the so-called ‘antique’ hydrangea colors is ideal.  Hydrangeas combine colors with ease, my personal favorite is cream tinged with blue, but if you’d like to follow this years trend for purple, the purpleberry hydrangea is stunning, combining violets, blue and so many other shades.  At the time of writing, the largest selection of wholesale hydrangeas we’ve found has been at fiftyflowers.

One of the most important decisions for the DIY bride is the flower supplier. There are many online floral wholesalers, and for most of us the choice will be made by comparing costs. Be sure to include shipping when you do, many companies including shipping with their prices, but for others shipping is extra, or only free once you spend more than a certain amount (often 200-300). This usually makes it more economical to buy all your flowers from the same place.

How Big Should a DIY Bouquet Be?

There are no set rules about bouquet size, but clearly a tiny bride can be swamped by a large bouquet. Giant hydrangeas can have blooms almost 10 inches in diameter, and that is part of their charm. Buy jumbo hydrangea and add satin ribbon to the stem, your bridesmaids bouquet can be one, single, gorgeous bloom, and they’ll still look fantastic.  For a video on how this is done see the silk bouquet section below. For the brides bouquet work in odd numbers, three flowers, five or seven. Vary the color by placing one in the center and grouping the others around.

DIY Bouquets

Another approach to the DIY Bouquet is to use a bouquet holder. This is, esentially, a piece of florists foam on a stick, however there are many decorative holders and the best, for use with hydrangeas, have a cap which can be removed to allow the bouquet, completed, to stand in water. When needed you take the bouquet out and screw the cap on.

Using a foam holder allows you to place the flowers precisely where you want them.

One way to make sure your bouquet has the designer touch is to add some sort of accessory. Loops of ribbon can be used to add color or texture, wide strips of wire can be curved and added, and beaded wire can be added to the surface.

Here’s an example from Oasis floral showing many different types of wire used with the elegant bouquet holder , as the demonstator explains this is one of the best ways to make sure the bouquet stays properly hydrated.

If beaded wire isn’t your thing, you can add jewels, a tiny butterfly or even a bouquet collar. Tulle or lace collars give a soft, antique look, while metal bouquet collars look fabulous,  up to date and can really make a bouquet stand out!

Cascade Hydrangea Bouquets

It is unusual to make a cascade from hydrangea blooms, but there is no reason a hydrangea bouquet can’t have  a cascade of greenery (perhaps ivy) or some stems of dendrobium orchids to add length to the overall design.

Dried Hydrangea Bouquets

Dried hydrangeas are dramatic and have a vintage look, but be careful before committing to them, they can be more delicate than fresh flowers. If you have your heart set on the dried flower look, check the silk flower stores, you’ll find many sell silk hydrangeas which imitate the dried variety very well, but without the delicacy. Look for mulberry, burgundy and brown in dried hydrangeas as well as the more traditional white, blue, pink and green.

Silk Hydrangea Bouquets

Widely available from the major craft stores, afloral.com and others, ready made silk flower bouquets containing hydrangeas are a good, inexpensive solution to the bouquet. Ideal for a bridesmaid, you may find you need to buy two and put them together ( not difficult) for the bride.  These start at around $10 for an 8-10 inch diameter bouquet, or of course you can buy the individual stems. Be careful though, the cheapest will often look very artificial, while the most expensive are a lot more expensive than the real thing! For extra realism, look for ‘real touch’ or ‘botanically correct’ or ‘hand wrapped’ stems and flowers with lots of color variation. Another alternative is to buy a silk hydrangea bouquet made by a florist. You’ll find many lovely examples on etsy, like this one.

Pretty pink hydrangea bouquet made from silk flowers, available on Etsy from floral accents for $59 plus shipping.

How to Make Hydrangea Bouquets from Silk Flowers

For a large, hand tied, you’ll need around six blooms, simple gather them below the head and tape them together. Cut the stems to length and wide ribbon around to hide the tape. The most important thing is to keep the bouquet hydrated. Some florists avoid working with hydrangeas in wedding bouquets because they can droop, but if you keep yours properly hydrated at all times, you shouldn’t have any problems. One way to do that would be to avoid the traditional hand tied design and cut your blooms shorter and add them to a bouquet holder. Smithers oasis make bouquet holders which can be placed in water but they also make bouquet holders simply of foam, and creating a bouquet with one of those is really easy.

Hydrangeas have large blooms, but the great thing about them is they can be divided into smaller sections. You may find it easy to mix colors that way, place one bloom in the center of the foam, break the others into sections and add them around the first in a circle.

One of the easiest ways to make a silk flower bouquet is to buy one of the ‘ready made’ boquets from a craft store like Michaels, or online from somewehere like afloral.com. These bouquets are relatively small, so buy two or three and put them together. You can do it simple, bu just using tape, or you can take each one apart and reconstruct your own design. The result will be a lovely bouquet for around $30.

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