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Tulip Centerpieces are among the easiest to create if you make use of the flowers flexible stems. Buy a ten inch candle bowl if you don’t have one, they are incredible useful if you enjoy decorating or entertaining. I have a bulk box of floating candles I bought for Christmas entertaining and I added some pretty glass pebbles I bought from amazon (often available at dollar stores). 

If you have unexpected guests for dinner you can throw these together to make a great centerpiece in two minutes, but if you have the time to buy flowers, (mine were supplied by Fifty Flowers – read my review) you’ll find tulip candle centerpieces are incredibly easy and quick to make. I have no expertise, I’m all thumbs and the photographs show what I made in just five minutes. If I can do it, so can you!

tulip centerpieces can be simple and effective
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You Will Need: 

  • One shallow glass bowl – a bowl designed for floating candles is ideal. 
  • Some vase filler in the color of your choice – glass pebbles are ideal
  • Four tulips or eight if you want a really full look
  • one or three floating candles
  • warm water


  1. Add warm water to your candle bowl. It should be just deep enough to cover the end of the stem but no deeper, bowls get heavy when full so don’t fill yours until they are in their final position. 
  2. Using well hydrated flowers, cut the stem of one at a diagonal and run it through your hands to warm it.
  3. Gently curve the stem in your hands
  4. Quickly dip the end of stem end in warm water and then pop it in the bowl. The stem will curve around the inside. If the stem curves all the way around to the flower, take it out and cut it shorter. 
  5. Do the same thing again with the next flower, placing the flower a little further around the bowl. if the stem snaps, don’t panic, you can probably tuck the flower into the stem that is already there. 
  6. Keep doing this spacing the flowers evenly around the vase. I found four tulips made my bowl look quite full, but you can easily add more if you like. 
  7. Take the bowl to where you intend to display it. Add the vase filler to the base (I used green glass pebbles to tone with my green parrot tulips) and fill up the bowl. If you use warm water, or the room is warm, the flowers ill open more quickly. 
  8. Float one to three candles on the water and you’re done. The whole thin takes 5- 10 minutes to do and you just can’t get it wrong! 

Below you’ll find a list of what we actually used. 


  • What's your latest flower project? How did it go? Any questions?
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