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The most beautiful example of a red and purple wedding bouquet, combining shades of lilac in the form of trailing clematis, with more conventional wedding flowers. (Wendell Webber photographer)

Do you love purple? Purple wedding bouquets go in and out of fashion, but at the moment they are extremely popular. As a color, purple is associated with wealth, mystery and, of course, with magic.  A mixture of red and blue pigment,  pale purple is usually called lilac or lavender, while dark purple is often described as indigo (when mostly blue) or violet. Where bridal flowers are concerned there’s only one real problem; purple is not a common color for flowers, so purple wedding flowers are more difficult to obtain.

Purple Wedding Flowers

These days it’s easy to find silk flowers and flowers that have been sprayed or dyed, but if, like many brides, you’re looking for a flower which is naturally purple, here are some ideas.

Lavender, whether fresh or dried, will give all your wedding flowers a wonderful scent. Flower can be found in a large number of shades, from white through pale lilac to deepest purple and even pink. Lavender is a wonderful choice for a medieval style bouquet or pomander.

Scabiosa are a pretty, flower with a pincushion style center and frilled surrounding petals amounting to a flower around 2 inches in diameter. You’ll find them in white as well as a pretty lavender blue, and a deep, almost black color which could be deep red or purple.  They are inexpenisve and available all year. You’ll often see them used as a filler flowers, but there is no reason they are more than capable of being the focal flower for your bride’s bouquet or table arrangements.

purple flowers wedding bouquets
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Purple wedding flowers including scabiosa, button chrysanthemums and hydrangea.

Calla Lilies can be found in all shades of purple  from lilac and lavender though to deep purple and eggplant, which can be almost black.  Their unusual shapes make them perfect for all sorts of bouquets, including gothic fantasies.

Irises are available in white lilac and deep purple and often have contrasting gold splashes.

Orchids of all kinds are available in purple, and make spectacular bouquets, though they can be expensive.

Scented Purple Bridal Flowers

Scent is an aspect of floral decoration which is often ignored, yet with just a little thought you can add an extra dimension to your wedding decorations. The best scented purple flowers are, of course lavender, but you can also find purple varieties of hyacinth, freesia and stock

Dark Purple Wedding Bouquets

Dark purple wedding bouquets
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Purple Wedding bouquet with green china berries

Dark purple bouquets are often made from calla lilies, but there are alternatives. Irises make stunning arrangements and bouquets as the golden splashes on their deep purple petals create the perfect contrast, purple anthuriums are wonderfully exotic and unusual as are the many varieties of purple orchid. For larger flowers, purple hydrangeas are an excellent choice, and if you love carnations, you’ll find some that are so dark purple carnations that are almost black.

Purple Wedding Bouquet for Fall

The ideal fall wedding bouquet for a purple loving bride is one made from dahlias or chrysanthemums. These are a more unusual choice, and with their larger blooms look wonderful. Available in all shades from white through lavender to deepest purple, you can find dahlias with 4 inch blooms, and there are many bi-color flowers which look gorgeous, including one with a golden center, and a light lilac shading on the outer edge of the frilled white petals.
In comparison to other focal flowers, chrysanthemums are realtively inexpenisve and again available in many shades, from lavender ‘spider ‘mums’ to purple, and if you want to go larger, try the football chrysanthemum with it’s 6 inch bloom.

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Purple Rose Wedding Bouquets

Most of the purple roses you see are either silk flowers or flowers that have been sprayed, but there are some lovely roses available in pale lilac and lavender shades. Many of these are sweetheart roses  with tiny one inch blooms and short stems, but these are ideal for delicate wedding bouquets. Slightly larger, at 2 inches or so, is the lavender rose ‘Blue Bird’ a mauve toned rose which tends to bloom very quickly. Perhaps the best lavender rose is Ocean Song. This rose has been in production for over five years and is now the most popular lavender variety.

Purple Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be expensive. One way to keep the cost down is to use a small number of large bloomed flowers, or to use flowers most people would regard as fillers. The largest bloomed purple flowers are hydrangeas. Antique blue  hydrangeas blend well with a purple scheme, while a hydrangeas whose petals are a mix of hot pink and blue will give your purple color scheme a very natural look. Hydrangea PurpleBerry isn’t easy to find but is worth the effort, mixing deep purple petals with other shades to stunning effect. Just take a few heads, tape them together and that, alone, will make a truly beautiful bridal bouquet.

For budget centerpieces try filling a vase with a stunning filler such as seeded eucalytpus. This gorgeous plant can be found in several colors, but ‘eggplant’ is my favorite. One bunch should be quite enough for a centerpiece, add a couple of accent flowers, or leave the eucalyptus alone in a vase, place it on a mirror mat and surround with tealights or votives. Although gorgeous, this is not a natural color and it will rub off, so use gloves to arrange the flowers and don’t use these in your bouquet.


Purple Silk Wedding Bouquets

There are many places on the web where you can find beautiful bridal flowers made from artifical flowers. Here are some of the best purple silk wedding bouquets we’ve found.

Red and Purple Wedding Bouquets

Rich colors combined make a stunning bouquet, purple flowers are often chosen by brides wearing red and red flowers chosen by brides wearing purple, but why not combine the two? For our favorite red/purple design, see the top of the page.

Pink Purple Wedding Bouquets

Ideal for spring and early summer, pink with lilac and white, or pink with purple.  Note that all combinations look better with the addition of a little green.

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