TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス フルエキゾーストマフラー エキゾーストパイプセット レース フルエキゾーストシステム ニンジャ250R:ウェビック  - 0bc79

TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス フルエキゾーストマフラー エキゾーストパイプセット レース フルエキゾーストシステム ニンジャ250R■商品番号


タイプ:ラウンド ステンレス サイレンサー

ニンジャ250R 13-18

We now have a new and improved design to give you the edge in this highly competitive class.
Through our continuous R&D、we have enhanced the dimensions of components to squeeze even more power from the Ninja 250 when used with the TYGA system.
Made in stainless steel with spring mounted round Stainless silencer this system significantly increases performance、saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. Sounds great too!
Unlike the stock system and most other aftermarket full systems、the TYGA Performance full race system is routed up the right side of the bike for the best possible gas flow and the performance figures support this. Please see below.
This system is supplied with an round Stainless silencer EXSL-0064
Below are two dyno graphs from Kawasaki Racing Australia who independently tested the TYGA system against the stock system and also against a well known competitor. The figures clearly show the advantages of installing a TYGA full race exhaust whether it be for street or for race use.
This graph shows 8.5% more power over stock just from installing the TYGA Full system.
In this graph、the peaks are very similar but look how the TYGA system has more power everywhere else、up to 10% more power in the important 9、000 to 10、000 range. The Leo Vince exhaust was mapped for 98 octane and the Tyga for 91 which should give an advantage to the Leo.
Available in 4 different silencer versions: EXPS-0081 (Moto Maggot) EXPS-0080 (Aluminium) EXPS-0079 (Stainless) and EXPS-0078 (Carbon)

※May not comply with noise regulations for some states and territories and may exceed noise regulations for some circuits.
※This exhaust system is not suitable for the 2008-12 model. For the 2008-12 model、 please see EXPS-0018.
※All TYGA-Performance pipe sections and silencers are new for 2017 and thus not compatible with previous 2013-2016 TYGA-Performance Ninja 250 Exhaust pipe sections and silencers.

【送料無料】マフラー ニンジャ250R TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス EXPS-0079
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