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Tall wedding centerpieces are more than decoration, they add a touch of drama.  Whether your event is a wedding, birthday party, or special dinner at home, if you’ve gone to the bother of creating a centerpiece, you want it to have impact. Tall centerpieces are viewed as luxurious, stylish and very, very glamorous. There’s no doubt that can add the ‘wow’ factor to any event, but are tall wedding centerpieces the right thing for every bride? Are they cost effective, and what does that mean, anyway?

I like to think of a centerpiece giving value. If people will look at your wedding centerpiece and take pleasure in it throughout the event, then you are getting great value. If they’re just going to go ‘WOW’ once, when they walk in the room, then I’m not so convinced. Take  a look at some of the truly gorgeous (and usually very expensive tall centerpiece designs, and you’ll see that once your guests are seated at the table all the flowers and decorations are above their eye-line. Unless your guests spend a lot of time looking up, they wont look at your centerpiece again until the next time they get up.

So, for me, the best kind of tall centerpiece is one where there is plenty going on, both high and low, where the guests are;  the trick, of course is not to get in their way, and that’s not always easy to do! Lets take a look at the pros and cons of tall centerpieces and at the same time look at some of the best ideas around.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Tall Bridal Centerpieces Using Hydrangeas

Tall wedding centerpiece with hydrangeas in blue
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Candelabra arrangement with blue candle cups from wedding planning 101

Tall wedding centerpieces with hydrangeas are more common than you might think. Hydrangea flowers are so large they really adapt well to be used in tall vases, and as long as the flowers are kept in vases, even those florists who avoid them for wedding bouquets, are very happy to use these delightful blooms, especially for blue color schemes.  Another classic use of large headed flowers is to remove most of the stem and place them in the top of a tall vase, usually filled with colorful waterpearls. Other large flowers you can use in the same way are peonies, dahlias (some of the dinner plate dahlias are huge) some large parrot tulips and oriental lilies with their glorious scent.

Tall centerpiece for a wedding - blue hydrangeas
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Lovely picture of a tall hydrangea centerpiece from Charlotte Geary.


A more conventional approach is just to fill a tall vase with hydrangeas and foliage, but before you jump at this option consider that if there is no decoration at all at table level, is that really what you want? Your tall flower centerpieces will make more of an impact if they are also interesting at eye level and below.

Getting Down to Table Level

One of the simplest ways to create interest around the base of a vase is to use a ready made wreath, or to arrange flowers in a ring of floral foam with the tall wedding centerpieces vase or candle holder in the center.  Again, because of the size of the bloom,  hydrangea flowers look really good in wreaths, you can take the large heads apart and add small sections of the bloom to cover the foam and you can odd other decorations, like tiny birds or butterflies which your guests are more likely to be able to see. Another option is use some form of wedding topiary. The head provides the tall interest, while the pot or container can be decorated to provide interest at table level.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces on A Budget

Take a look at many of the tall wedding centerpieces around, and you’ll see they fall into two broad camps; those with a tall vase and short flowers, and those with tall branches. Many apparently tall arrangements rely on inexpensive fillers and foliage for their height, and that means you can create the look yourself, and without breaking the bank. You might even try using bear manzanita branches and draping them with whatever you have to hand; you can glue on silk or real flowers, drape them with crystals, or hang them with decorations made from old jewelry.   Small topiary trees on your reception tables provide a truly ‘green’  approach, and the trees can be given as gifts to important guests, for them to plant in their gardens as a permanent reminder. The great news for DIY brides, is that it’s easy to make topiary trees yourself.  Here are some easy to follow instructions.

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Some tall wedding centerpieces aren’t really tall at all, the arrangements are made in bowls and then added to the top of a tall vase or pedestal. This video, from plantscapes, shows how some stunning tall arrangements are put together, the flowers are beautiful, but there is so much more to the design, from the colour of the water in the vase, to strings of crystal in the water, drops of crystal hanging from the flowers and light shining through the flowers and the water. These are some of the most amazing wedding arrangements I’ve ever seen!

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Tall Wedding Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

You’ve probably seen tall, narrow vases, usually called Eiffel tower vases, being used for a tall bridal centerpiece. The big question is, how do you arrange the flowers?

There are two ways to do it. One is to use a florists tool called a candle cup, a plastic saucer which you can fill with florists foam. The cup has a dimple on the bottom which you can put into the tall narrow vase, but you will need some form of tape, putty or glue to hold the cup in place.

The second method is rather easier, and that is to use a foam bouquet holder, the kind you can buy from any florists supply store, or even from amazon. Just soak the foam (if you’re using fresh flowers) and then start adding flowers!

A third method is shown in the video above, place a bowl on top of the vase! Eiffel tower vases have very narrow tops, but trumpet vases grow wider with height, as you can see.

If you don’t have the confidence for fresh flowers, here’s a video showing a really eye catching alternative; how about tall wedding centerpieces made from ostrich feathers? Don’t believe you can make these yourself? Watch the video, you’ll be surprised at how easy, and inexpensive these tall centerpieces can be![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]
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