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This project was inspired by the flowers chosen by Princess Charlene of Monaco. Her choice of pale pink protea blossoms to represent her native South Africa, was a little disappointing, but only because we didn’t get to see the bouquet. I started to wonder what a protea bouquet would look like, and my first thought is that such large showy flowers would be best as an overarm bouquet.
Although I tried to find some of the pale pink proteas, all I could come up with were these gorgeous, bright orange blooms, which in comparison to many real proteas are actually pretty small! Once I saw these I knew tropical was the way the whole bouquet had to go.

What you need:

  • Two large tropical leaves.  The backbone of the bouquet is made from two large tropical leaves. I’m actually not sure what sort of leaves they are, but I think they mady be banana or anthurium leaves.
  • A single stem of  ‘dancing lady’ orchids.
  • Three stems of artificial protea blooms.
  • A bow made from 1 1/2 inch wire ribbon in a matching color.

The first stage was the wire the two large laves together, slightly offset and with one slightly longer than the other. Then I added a single, very long stem of dancing lady orchids in a lovely bright yellow,  then I experimented with the three protea flowers, to find the right position for them.

Once all the stems were wired , I created a large looped bow from some really gorgeous ribbon I found at Michael’s, and took the last of the three large leaves, and bent it around the join.
The finished bouquet is carried overarm, and would make a great wedding bouquet, esepcially for a beach, tropical or ‘destination’ wedding.
The design could also be used for a simple bunch of flowers you might take to a hostess, or present to a valued colleague or as a part of a prize giving.
Only a small number of blooms are needed, but the result as you can see, is an attractive bouquet, so this is not only a lovely gift to give or bouquet to carry, it’s also very budget friendly. If you’d prefer to use fresh flowers for this project, I’ve found a a few good sources for wholesale and bulk flowers. Check out the link below.

Substitute red gerberas, a spray of fir and some cones for a lovely Christmas bouquet, or pale pink flowers and variegated ivy for the spring.
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