Valentines Flower Arrangements – Ideas

Valentines flower arrangement ideas can be hard to come by, especially if you are looking for something you can make yourself, or something really economical, but the truth is Valentine flowers are just flowers, you can do anything as long as you stick to the general theme, red for passion, pink for love, and maybe some hearts and lace thrown in for good measure.

Perhaps its a sign of the times we live in, but these days, hearts are more often made of wire than ribbon – here’s one idea though that uses a heart shaped vase, making the arrangement itself very simple, you just cut the rose stems really short, and pop them in!

Valentine roses - a simple arrangement idea

Valentine roses – a simple arrangement idea

One of the most elaborate ideas I’ve seen is a design from Smithers Oasis – these are the lovely people who provide so many of the tools florists use to make their unusual floral arrangements, so it’s not too surprising that they use a lot of interests accents, but when you think about it, what’s the difference between a pretty pink birthday arrangement, and one for Valentines day? Often it’s just the addition of some sort of valentine themed accessory. Here’s a great idea for anyone who wants to propose on Valentine’s Day, present the ring in a heart shaped bouquet of flowers.

heart shaped arrangement for flowers for Valetnine's day

Design by Smither’s Oasis.

Combine red roses, pink wax flowers, some greenery, beaded wire and a heart shaped piece of oasis, the result is lovely, and with a little time a patience you could do it yourself.

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘love; and little less romantic – say something to send you Mom or Mom-in-law why not make and deliver the arrangement yourself? Here;s another simple design of short stemmed roses in a simple cylinder vase, but again with glittering beaded wire accents to make it special. Believe it or not almost a quarter of American send flowers to their Mom’s on Valentines day.

Valentines Flower arrangements ideas - roses

Design from Smithers Oasis –

If budget is a problem, there’s no need to worry, you can make something really nice from the flowers at your local supermarket.  As always, it’s a good idea to have some really versatile vases in the house, but they don’t need to be expensive either. I recommend a 3 inch cube (6 if you can afford them) a five inch glass cube and a set of graduated cylinders, all the same diameter, but different heights. With that, you can make a wide range of arrangements and always make your table look special.

Here’s a valentines arrangement I made at the weekend in a five inch glass cube vase.

Valentines Flower Arrangement Ideas

Roses, tulips and alstromeria in a five inch cube vases wrapped with ribbon.

I’ll be posting how it was done as soon as it’s written up, but the major point is, I bought the flowers from the supermarket, used a vase I already had, and raided my sewing box for some pretty pink ribbon. The tulips where $6.99, the roses and alstromeria were $12 for three bunches. In this arrangement I used the alstromeria and four of the roses, I had two bunches of roses left over to create another arrangement I’ll be posting in a day or so. The cube vases are very simple to use, I didn’t need any oasis or filler, just water.

Another very simple arrangement idea, something you could make yourself – is a cylinder vase with two roses. Personally, I like odd numbers with flowers, so I’d probably use only a single rose or three roses, but you can see here, that this isn’t hard to do, and if you don’t have any colored wire you can improvise, use some ribbon.

Valentine roses in a cylinder vase with wire

Design from Smthers oasis.

Finally, let me remind you that valentines day is all about romance.  Yes, flowers are great for romance, but what do you do if you’re planning an intimate dinner alone? He might bring flowers, but then again, he might not.  Take the simple approach and use candles, but tie them with a lovely ribbon to make them just a little different.

Valentine arrangement of candles

let someone else bring the flowers – these candles will make your table look special.

For more ideas for Valentines Flower arrangements, including how to make some of the above and inexpensive, easy ideas for your Valentines day table, visit our valentine flowers section.

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