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If you’re stuck for wedding bouquet ideas we have loads; here you’ll find those with an all green theme or making heavy use of green flowers such as parrot tulips, chrysanthemums, hydrangea or succulents. Some of the bouquets in our gallery are silk and yet others are for sale. Where possible we have credited the original, however it isn’t always possible to find out where a photo came from, so if you find yours on our pages, please don’t be cross. Let us know your details and we’ll add them to the site, or if you’d prefer send us a request and we’ll no longer display your picture. 

If you’re wondering whether to choose a green bouquet, let me make some suggestions. 

If you’re planning to use silk flowers but want flowers that look real, there are several green flowers that are perfect for the job: green orchids, green anthuriums and of course, green hydrangeas. 

Green hydrangeas – make sure those you choose vary in color if you want a natural look, the varieties described as ‘antique’ are often best. These have large showy blooms, add some ribbon or filler flowers and you have a bouquet for a flower girl, two blooms are enough for a bridesmaid and three for the bride. You can also cut the blooms apart to make a more complex bouquet. A single hydrangea bloom in a glass vase is enough to make a centerpiece, or using stacking glass bowls put one above the other, its easy to do and looks fantastic. 

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan or just love fantasy, a green bouquet is perfect for a woodland wedding theme. Fiddle head ferns and mixed greenery garlands can easily be used to create your fantasy theme. 

If you love scent – some of the best wedding bouquet ideas I’ve seen incorporate scented herbs like rosemary and thyme, so why stop there? Use gloriously scented herbs as a major component of your bouquet, then when you plant herbs on your window will or deck, they’ll always bring back happy memories. 

If you want a tropical theme, many orchids are available in green as are the wonderfully heart shaped anthuriums, but why not use something even more exotic? Huge monstera (swiss cheese plant) leaves, banana leaves and more can be used to create something truly unusual. 

And, if all of that is not enough, consider your ancestry. If you’re or irish descent there is no more appropriate color for your bouquet than green, after all Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. You may not be able to find shamrocks to include, but you can always add Bells of Ireland’ to any wedding bouquet. 




Green Wedding Bouquet Ideas

What’s your preference when it comes to wedding bouquet ideas? Do you prefer all foliage green bouquets to flowers? Let me know in the comments below. Another alternative is silk flowers. Silk green orchids can be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing, and, if you shop carefully you can find extremely realistic looking green silk hydrangeas, but did you know there is a half way house? If you want to use fresh flowers, but your favorite bloom is not available in green, many retailers offer dyed or sprayed flowers you can use to create even more wedding bouquet ideas. 

  • What's your latest flower project? How did it go? Any questions?
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