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Wedding Bouquets for Winter

Many brides plan their wedding for late spring or summer, but winter can bring its own charm to a wedding, a snow covered landscape looks fabulous in pictures and though you may not imagine there are many flowers in season, wedding bouquets for winter brides are surprisingly varied. There are loads of possiblities not available to the summer bride; fur, feathers, christmas ornaments, glitz and glitter, all seem somehow more appropriate in a winter setting. From winter white to Christmas red, to icy with a touch of early spring, the choice is enormous. If you’ve ever imagined yourself as an Ice Princess or Snow Queen, then this is the season for you!

Bridal Bouquets For Winter


For the December bride, many pre-Christmas flowers are appropriate, from holly and ivy, to red berries of all kinds. Roses have, in recent times, become synonymous with Christmas perhaps simply because they are now available at that time of year. A classic winter bouquet might consist of white roses mixed with holly and long trails of ivy, mixed with a frosted branches and pine cones, or glittering crystals, but there are so many choices. Roses can be red or white, perhaps even both, and  why carry flowers at all? A mix of holly and ivy is not only seasonal, its colorful.

Once Christmas is over, bouquets filled with ornaments or holly may seem less appropriate, but the air still sparkles with frost, in fact here in New England the coldest time of year is still to come and there are still many exciting wedding bouquets for winter fantasy weddings of all kinds. If you did not choose to marry in winter and are worried about lack of choice or increased expense in winter, let me put your mind at rest. Winter weddings make a lot of sense; embrace the theme and enjoy!

Silver Wedding Bouquets for Winter Brides

One classic look for the winter bride is a variation on the classic white bouquet using shades of a white, gray and silver. Every bride is familiar with white flowers, roses are classic while white orchids add a touch of the exotic (and if you are doing it yourself, a really easy to arrange). If you plan to use silk flowers, white hydrangea dusted with iridescent glitter look stunning. You either love or loath calla lilies and again, if you plan to DIY, you might want to buy these in silk, the very best quality is almost indistinguishable from the real thing and will give you all the time you want to put your bouquet together. Don’t forget about foliage. When making a wedding bouquet, so many brides think only of flowers, but foliage can add another dimension and give your flowers the ideal setting. One of my favorites for winter weddings is dusty miller. The textured leaves look stunning with every flower, the plants are easy to grow in your own garden, and artificial dusty miller looks very realistic. It’s the ideal foliage plant to give you that silvery winter look. 

For something more unusual, how about ornamental cabbage? Some have purple tinged leaves, but other are simple green and white and can substitute for flowers or make interesting foliage.

The large heads of amaryllis are often seen in bouquets around Christmas time, mixed with variegated foliage and red roses, this is an unusual variation, an all red bouquet of amaryllis and roses with pearl accents.

Calla lilies are still the most popular wedding flower, and thanks to global flower production they are available at throughout the winter. Here’s an interesting and unusual design from Budget bride, showing white calla lilies with blue crystals and silver foliage, very much a winter wedding bouquet.

Other ways to add the silver touch are to add loops of silver ribbon or to trail silver wire or beaded wire through your bouquet. You can enhance the silver theme by using mercury glass candle holders at your reception. These can contain votive candles or be filled with small bunches of flowers. DIY brides can buy these in bulk at reasonable cost, they look fantastic sprinkled across a buffet table or placed one at each place setting and filled with a votive candle, but if you’d rather take a more direct approach to silver, why not use sprayed foliage? Seeded eucalyptus, sprayed silver is very effective especially in centerpieces and added to wedding bouquets, baby’s breath can also be sprayed silver, make a centerpiece from baby’s breath alone and it looks like a cloud of blossom floating on the air, it’s also relatively inexpensive. 

As readers of this blog will know, I am not a big fan of artificially colored flowers, blue roses being top of my hate list. Sometimes, however, the result looks great: I am a big fan of bunches of baby’s breath sprayed with iridescent glitter – this is not silver or gold but transparent – it gives the flowers a frosted look which is perfect  for a winter wedding. 

Wedding Bouquets for Winter. Bouquet from Duck barn Florals. You can find them on Easy

If you have your heart set on a ‘snow queen’ wedding, and after all, why not? Here’s my pick for the ultimate snow queen bouquet. I found it on ETSY. 

Created by Duck Barn Florals, the bouquet is made from crystals, peals ribbons and includes a cascade of snowflakes.

Winter is the ideal time for a fantasy wedding, so why not go the whole way? Why not include a wand, if not for you, then for your bridesmaid, or maybe, your fairy godmother!

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