The most expensive single floral item in your budget will most likely be your wedding bouquet, but the most expensive floral item over all, is likely to be your table centerpieces. These will set the tone and look for your wedding reception and it’s important to get them right. Here’s a video with lots of suggestions, but don’t forget to scroll down! I’ve put together a lot more.

The moment you have the date, chosen the venue, know your budget and have your color scheme, is the time to chose your florist, don’t leave it any later. Flowers are a very important part of your wedding, take plenty of time to get it right, don’t go there without doing research and having an idea of what sort of thing is available.  Tell your florist what you like and how much you can afford to spend. Be adamant and stick to it. Remember the florist will have done this many times before and will be able to give you good advice and possibly suggest things you have never even thought about.

Centerpieces for an occasion can be anything from very simple straight forward flowers to the highly elaborate, and of course a wedding centerpiece can easily be made up of more than just flowers.

At present there is a fashion for tall wedding centerpieces. These can look breathtaking as you walk into the room,  but think twice about a tall arrangement on a table. Times without number I have seen them removed from the table and put on the floor within ten minutes of sitting down and all the money you have put out has gone to waste. It is far better for everyone at the table to be able to see one another, even if it’s just to say how beautiful the bride was.


Here are one or two suggestions for wedding centerpieces, both short and tall in case your dream was of tall elegant sparkling vases with subtle lights and flowers. Let noone talk you out of your dreams – but be sure you’ve thought them through!

<a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-418″><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-418″ title=”crystal_tree_centerpiece” src=”” alt=”” width=”222″ height=”300″ /></a>For a couple who are not counting the pennies, this is my favorite, a 25” ‘crystal tree’, literally dripping in crystals. This comes fully assembled and has a flat stand where one or two real or ‘silk’ flowers can be placed with a ‘Floralyte’ in the color of your choice in the centre to give it that extra touch of magic.

There is something very tranquil about a swan, and actually there’s something about them that’s just right for a wedding!

Whenever there was a crisis in our family my grandmother used to say ‘be a swan’, maintain a calm and serene exterior, while beneath the surface you are paddling like mad! Not unlike the whole wedding process.

You can create a swan centerpiece from 18” ‘natural grapevine’ swans which do look rather drab but a spray can of white or gold paint and some iridescent glitter can change all that in minutes and doing this yourself might keep the cost down. Fill the center with  florist Foam and flowers of the same colors as the wedding flowers and they should be perfect. This also has the advantage of being quite low, so it won’t impede conversation.

Something completely different would be a large,  over sized Martini Glass, which is meant for this purpose, filled with Crystal Fibers or vase gems, in which there is hidden a ‘Floralyte’ and decorated with an arrangement of tiny variegated ivies and delicate little flowers.  Just think what a good florist could do with that. There are lots of possibilities here.

A large glass need only contain a single flower, so there are lots of possibilities for DIY brides. Try an over sized brandy goblet, 12.5” across, half filled with ‘diamond crystal fibers’, with a submersible, colored ‘Floralyte’ or LED ice cube hidden in them and the goblet almost filled with water. Now here you have a choice to float a Lotus blossom, or waterlilies on a lily pad where the center stamens light up, is another choice, the crystal fibers will then begin to float and the goblet will be lit from inside and the top too if you use these.  Adding a little glamor to each table or a single super sized flower head, such as a Gerbera Daisy. What ever you chose it will be beautiful, greatly admired and really easy to do.


Another beauty is to use the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet, wedding party etc. with delicate trailing variegated ivies to make stunning arrangements in stylish white birdcages, accented with pearl and crystal stems and on top, a wedding butterfly made up of feathers or two dainty white doves, each with a wedding ring it it’s beak.  Perfect for a butterfly theme or a summer wedding of any kind.

For a wild and woodland theme, a  woodland wreath centrepiece is entirely different. Covered in ferns, grasses and flowers,  add a glass hurricane globe to the center with a candle as a  touch to it.

As a variations you can use a cylinder vase  instead of the hurricane globe.  Half fill it  with vase gems or crystal fibers which both come in different colors with a submersible ice cube hidden in them for color, filled with water and a floating candle on the top. Simple and charming.

If you’re looking for a tall centerpice, many brides opt for a Trumpet Vase. Weight it, fill it with rose petals or vase gems, fill with water with a few drops of food coloring added in one of the flower colors or just clear water with something as simple as a stem of variegated ivy standing tall inside it. Then on the top add a simple arrangement it doesn’t have to be tall and here again you can add a ‘Floralyte’ to light your <a href=”” target=”_blank”>flower arrangement</a> from inside.

For the ultimate in showy, tall wedding centerpieces, why not forget flowers altogether? It is really too tall, a ‘Tower Vase’ with the long stem filled with colored crystal fibers to hide a twisted string of tiny but bright, battery operated vine lights or ‘Vinelyte’, which fit this stem exactly. Then Ostrich feathers put into a holder that fits into the top, snuggle one or two colored ‘Floralytes’ in them and when they enter your guests they will gasp with amazement.  Looks fabulous as you walk in, but for impact around the table you may find you want a second, small low arrangement around the foot of the vase. This one is not ideal for those on a strict budget.

Here are some ideas from <a href=”;bnrid=3380801&amp;cm_ven=Google%20Base&amp;cm_cat=Shopping&amp;cm_pla=Feed&amp;cm_ite=Google%20Base-9703018″ target=”_blank”>pottery barn</a>. They show that with the right flowers and containers you don’t need to do anything complex.  Of course the hurricane sleeves aren’t exactly cheap at $60 (or so) a piece but at least you’d get to keep them afterwards, and it is the idea that counts. What sort of container can you get? You can often buy in bulk to keep the cost down. (Note: if you are interested in doing something similar, the pottery barn hurricane sleeve is 13 inches wide and 24 inches high.

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