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Wedding florists need, like all businesses, to make a profit, but am I alone in thinking that sometimes they charge more for a centerpiece, or any type of flowers, just because they know it’s for a wedding?

Of course that maybe just the normal every day functioning of capitalism, supply and demand, but it seems to me that if you would sell something for one price to person A, that it’s wrong to sell it to person B for more, just because person B is a bride.

Florists like everyone else, have to have ways of extending their budgets. Some flowers are cheaper than others, some designs use fewer flowers, and some flowers can be used in interesting ways to extend the budget. If you’re working with a good florist, then you can hope to receive advice on all this, assuming your aim is to keep the cost of wedding flowers down. And it’s not just about flowers. Any centerpiece or bouquet also relies on hardware, foliage fillers and increasingly some interesting accessories, such as bullion wire, beaded wire, bright colored bendable sticks, mesh bouquet collars, or jeweled butterflies, frogs and other accessories.

There are several reasons you should know some of the professional florists ways of extending the flower budget

Now that you can buy the same tools as the florist uses, you can  use these technique to do it yourself, if you choose.

You can watch to see that your florist isn’t overcharging for your wedding flowers.

You can plan your flowers, with the florist, keeping these hints and tips in mind.

Here’s some of the advice I gathered so far since starting this site

  • Choose flowers carefully, preferably from those in season.
  • Don’t choose a single flower type, use at least one accent flower but add fillers which cost less.
  • Don’t choose ‘all flowers’ designs. Flowers actually look better against foliage, and again, foliage is cheaper.
  • Don’t be ashamed of stems. Many modern designs use only the heads of the flowers, this means that a wedding bouquet, even a small one, uses a large number of flowers. Cascade designs, star shaped bouquets, wands and overarm sheaths, all utilize the stem of the bloom as well as the flower and can be easier to make.
  • Smithers Oasis 'wicking' bouquet holder
    • Facebook/afoolforflowers
    • Pinterest/anthuria
    Even difficult flowers, like hydrangeas, can be made in to beautiful wedding bouquets if you use the right sort of hardware. A wicking bouquet holder which has a cap on the stem such as this one from Smithers Oasis, and available from wholesalefloral.com will allow you to keep the flowers fresh and fully hydrated right up to the last moment, and when the ceremony is done, you can once again remove the cap and place the bouquet back in a vase.

In the video below you can see Cory Lonsert discuss some flower arranging techniques using this sort of bouquet holder. This video is made for professional florists, and as you’ll see he shows a couple of other techniques which can be used to stretch the flower budget, including ‘reflexing’ the petals of a rose to create a ‘faux gardenia’. The effect is great, and yes, it takes up  alot more room and hence stretches the budget, but much as I am a big fan of these videos, I really didn’t like the inference that he would tell the bride he was after the gardenia effect while he was really stretching the budget. I trust the bride saw some of those savings, Kevin, I really do!

Another thing you might note from watching this video, is just how fast you can put a bouquet together when you have the right tools.

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