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Wedding roses wholesale
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Fragrant roses, my birthday gift from my husband

Wedding roses, birthday roses, anniversary roses. No matter what the occasion, roses are appropriate! However, when it’s a special occasion, you need a special rose, a rose with a glorious perfume.

What could be nicer on your birthday than a bouquet of roses with a glorious scent? Nothing! Today has been a lovely day as I woke up to breakfast in bed and when the doorbell rang it was these beautiful flowers. Ordered by the master of this house for my birthday because both he and I love the genuine scent of old fashioned garden roses, and much I love roses in every form, the kind you get from the average florist lasts longer, but its just not the same!

This bouquet came carefully packed on a fedex truck, the stems were carefully wrapped in a damp foam and the flower lay on a cool pack. The roses have a lovely, subtle fragrance as does the foliage, one of my favorite green fillers, seeded eucalyptus, best of all these came with my husbands promise to buy me some roses bushes so I can grow these gorgeous flowers in our own garden, just as soon as we move house.
Where can you get these beautiful scented flowers?
Head over to David Austen Roses, pick your country and start browsing. The internet is great, but it can’t convey the gorgeous scent. That’s one reason why we need flowers.

David Austen Roses also publish a beautiful book on wedding roses. Go and check it out!

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