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One of the worl’ds most famous gardens, is the garden at Sissinghurst in England, where Vita Sackville-West planted areas of her garden in specific colors. Although the garden had many different areas, one became more famous than all the others; the white garden.

As many of us only see our gardens at night (except at weekends) the white garden is becoming more and more popular; white flowers and silver grey foliage look almost luminous at night, and especially by moonlight. It’s not only a wonderful spot for rest and recuperation after the efforts of the working day, a white garden has an almost magical quality, makes a fabulous setting for entertaining and best of all, if you haven’t had time for all the maintenance your garden needs, darkness is very forgiving.

Blue flowers are almost the opposite of white. Where white flowers seem to glow in the darkness, blue flowers disappear. The juxtaposition of the two, blue and white flowers can create a  garden which is very different by night and by day, and is an ideal ‘cool’ color palette for hot humid climes.

From crocus and muscari in the spring, though hyacinth, delphinium, cornflowers and hydrangeas, anenomes, agapanthus, iris and winding wisteria, all can be found in both blue and white varieties. Add pots of huge white casablanca and longifolium lillies, and edge the paths with blue and white lavender to add scent. The final touch will be a white,creamy honeysuckle fragrantissima to scramble along fences and pergolas, leaving a gorgeous perfume as the sun sets.

Of course the colors are not restricted to flowers. Blue benches and pillows will blend with the night leaving your guests suspended in the air. Blue pots similarly dissapear, leaving white flowers, floating. White stones or pebbles make it easy to see the path, and the soft tinkle of windchimes, plus the splash of water from a fountain will complete your perfect oasis of calm, cool on the hottest of days.

And when you need the perfect flower for a vase, it will be therein your garden, glowing softly.

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